Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nick Jonas

Maybe you can't stand the Jonas Brothers. Maybe you're more of a Justin Bieber fan. Maybe you were a Jonas Brothers fan back in the day. Maybe you've never heard of Nick Jonas. Maybe you're a die hard Les Mis fan, and you think Nick Jonas as Marius was laughable and/or grievous. Maybe you're so mature that you're above all this.

Well, today, I'm sitting in the sunshine by the open window, drinking chocolate milk and smelling fresh-cut grass. And today I'm going to talk about Nick Jonas, the eighteen-year-old singer, songwriter, drummer, pianist, guitarist, actor, diabetic, and Christian.

I knew nothing about him until I watched the stunning Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert last November. I loved his voice, I loved his hair, I loved his collar, I loved that he was only seventeen, and I loved that he fit my idea of Marius perfectly.

"life's too short to waste time/ every little thing's gonna be alright.
...cause we're chillin' in the summertime/ not a cloud in the sky..."
-chillin' in the summertime
He wins the award for my favorite hair of all time. Since the post in which I commended his hair, I have discovered his music, and love his solo album, as well as some of the less mature but way-fun Jonas Brothers' music.

I have been wanting to do another post on guys' fashion, but it's hard to find examples of awesomeness. 
so found one in this guy. His style is consistent, masculine, and includes pretty much everything I have always liked on a guy.

Well-fitted polo shirt? Check.
Amazing jeans? Check.
Classy silver watch? Check.
Converse? Check (not imperative, but still)
Satchel? Major check.
(Only Nick Jonas looks this good while pumping gas.)

"something's changing deep inside/
all my hopes are comin' alive..."

and, dog tags. love.

They do stunts in their concerts, and of course, his are the most awesome out of the three brothers. : )
Also, he has a white belt. Just sayin'.

He reminds me a ton of my brother Benjamin, both his personality and his good looks. Especially this photo--the hair, the shirt, the pants, the watch, the amazing aviator sunglasses, the cell phone... it's creepy how much he looks like Benjamin.

"It doesn't matter if the world is pulling you down. With Christ you have everything."
He has done a lot of events to encourage diabetic kids. Fist-bumping little boys--yes.

His voice isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for me. : ) He has a high range, but doesn't sound like a girl/messed up boy like so many male singers that are popular right now. I loved the different sound he had for Les Mis, too.

"Trust is a far greater compliment than love could ever be."

Every once in awhile I think "my word--he's only eighteen!" His dignified, level-headed interaction with crazed fans, paparazzi, and interviewers is amazing.

I have always loved white suits...

I think he was meant to be a 50's heartthrob. Classy, dapper, gentlemanly...

"every single word's been said/ broke each other's hearts again/
as the starlit sky begins to shine/ we're breaking down..."
Love, love, love his jacket.

"Any man can love a million girls,
but it takes a real man to love one girl
a million ways."
"we're chasing stars to lose our shadows/ Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine/
so won't you fly with me?"
-fly with me

Any guy who lists Peter Pan as one of his favorite movies and writes an entire song inspired by the story wins in my book. 

His dog's name is Elvis. ♥

"nothing is right, nothing is right when you're gone/
losing my breath/ losing my right to be wrong/
I'm  frightened to death/ I'm frightened that I won't be strong/
I want someone to love me/ for who I am/
I want someone to need me/ is that so bad?"
-who i am
I am a long-time fan of rolled-up sleeves on men. I was raised in the midst of a whole lotta rolled-up-sleeve goodness. 

Also, a lot of good hair. Which is why I'm so picky.

His completely naturally-curly hair used to be longer and crazier. Now it's less exciting but more dignified. : ) By the way: drummers should always have cool hair.

Love his jacket, again.

"have you ever felt like standin' on a rooftop?/
have you ever wanted to scream?/
..this is the night/
so raise up your hands and touch the sky/ cause we're not alone tonight."
-this is the night
I love that he wears so much plaid.

He wears his dogtags because of his diabetes--so that when he needs medical attention, people will know that he is diabetic. He also often wears his purity ring on the chain.

"the stars are shining/ for you and me tonight/
in this city that dreams are made of."
-LA baby
I love this outfit.

"now that the pain is done/ there's no need to be afraid/
we don't have time to waste/ just tell me that you'll stay."
As of last week, I am the proud owner of his solo CD, Who I Am. (Hadley, you are awesome).
I'm always interested to read the artist's "thank you" section...his starts out with:
"I would first thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Your love and mercy surpasses all understanding."

Now you know. 
Now you know that I like Nick Jonas. Wow...I feel such freedom.

.some of these photos are from the show Jonas LA.
.all quotes and song lyrics are by Nick or from songs that he co-wrote. 
.be sure and check out the linked YouTube videos if you're interested. : )
.photos via we ♥ it


  1. I've always thought he was perhaps the more "mature, level-headed" one of the group, yet he seems to cut out the wisdom when it comes to dating and relationships. =/ Still, I do enjoy his voice---it's exactly how you described it. =)

  2. Nick is my favorite of the Jonas brothers and for all the reasons you listed. I just love his hair and the way he dresses!!!! It's epic! :D His voice is pretty awesome too. I also enjoy following his twitter for sometimes he will post Bible verses. It's so encouraging seeing someone in Hollywood posting Bible verses on their twitter. :)

  3. haha I never got into the Jonas brothers, but I always liked him better then the other two. He is not annoying...and he's diabetic like me!!(: haha

  4. I never liked the Jonas Brothers, but I always kind of liked Nick. I love the fact that in Les Mis you can tell that even though he's not the best, he really can sing. A girl I know wrote a song about Peter Pan based on a phrase that she saw on the back of a shirt and it wasn't until much later that she realized that they were Jonas Brother lyrics. You should listen to the song, I think you might like it.

  5. Nick has always been my favorite out of the three.

  6. I like him, but the only problem I have is that he has never EVER accepted a interview for any Christian related magazine or topic.

  7. I've never taken any of the Jonas brother seriously before... Perhaps I will have to take your recommendation and check (at least this one) out!

    Super cute post, by the way! :)

  8. Ohh my word. *takes deep breath* I found this vastly amusing.
    So...I think Nick is BY FAR the best Jonas Brother...the best-looking, and most talented. And he does have sweet hair and a sweet sense of style. His voice isn't even that bad either.
    But that being said, please ohhhh please don't say he fits Marius perfectly. Far from it. And I'm saying that from the perspective of Nick Jonas being the first guy I ever heard singing Marius' role. If you heard the guy in the Les Mis I went to on Broadway last month, you'd understand. His voice was BEAUTIFUL, much more Les-Mis-ish than Nick's. Not to say Nick isn't good--but he's not good for Les Mis.
    Agree to disagree, eh? ;)

  9. ha ha i used to be such a big jonas brothers fan. i always like joe the best, cause nick was too serious for me i guess. but there always needs to be a mature one in the group. :) and he is purty cute!

    one thing that really grates on me is how so many people out there say that the jonas brothers are gay. just makes me soooo mad! sure sumtimes their jeans are a little too tight, but i like their style.
    anyways, just had to get that out. lol

  10. HE'S A DIABETIC??!!?!?! Whoa. I now have alot of respect for him.
    I admire the Jonas Brothers for their open belief in Jesus Christ, but I've never been able to become a fan of their music. Or their looks, for that matter. (the same goes for Justin Bieber) But I can't help but say they are good people, with good goals, and they actually have a purpose in this life, that has nothing to do with getting married, etc.
    Okay, maybe I should watch the Les Mis anniversary concert now.
    -Jocee <3

  11. I like Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber and your blog :)

  12. This post made me laugh and smile. :) Most people don't know, but I still kindof storta still like the Jonas Brothers...

  13. Ditto what Juliet said^...Nick, Justin and your blog. :) Love this post!:)

  14. I really like Nick too. Not that much of a JB fan though... :)

  15. Gotta admit, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. :D

  16. I've just always been turned off by anything that's Disney-Channel-plastered-all-over-everything kind of thing...Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, and puuulleeeeze don't get me started on Beiber.

    All that said, I'm not an NJ fan as far as music or whatever goes. While I did *not* care for his Marius in Les Miz, I do appreciate that it seems as if he's moving forward and trying to get out of the teeny-bopper, all-my-fans-are-eight-years-old groove he was in as part of the JB, with this move and making his own album.

    I do appreciate his show of his faith, and just hope for his sake that it continues! As a person, he looks and seems like a very nice guy. And I'm soooo glad the hairstyle has matured. :-)

    Gist of it, I'm not a fan, and don't think I'll ever be. But he seems like a nice guy. :-)

  17. Oh gosh. I thought I got over this guy like, two years ago, but my crush is coming back.

  18. Love this Nick...I love how we love him together....I love that you love the CD :)
    stellamacy :)

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  20. You just made me a 14 year old girl again for a minute! Sigh....

  21. LOVE! I totally and unapologetically (now that he's legal) have a crush on Nick Jonas! He's always been the cute Jonas, Joe is all hype and eyebrows. (Sorry that made me giggle.) And I listen to Nick's solo album all the time! Love, love his voice!!

  22. Um, yes please! I don't care how old I get, the Jonas Brothers will always be awesome and Nick will always be the coolest. ;]

  23. DUDE. That *totally* looks like Ben.
    How super-bizzare!!
    Oh man. weird picture, weird, weird!!

  24. Thanks so much for this post... I never knew anything much about Nick, but! now I do -- and i'm so glad it's that way. :)
    goodness, he's a believer?! You got me there. I now love him 100 more times than before.

    in Jesus,

    acacia (ahh cass ee ahh)

  25. Best post EVER! haha(: don't worry, i was a fan before this post. If I wasnt'... well... yeah. You would have convinced me. :)

  26. Yay! I love Nick Jonas, too. None of my friends really like him at all, so I was so excited to find someone who does. And yes, his hair is amazing. :)

  27. OH YES. Nick has always been my favorite Jonas Brother. (I know. I HAVE A FAVORITE JONAS BROTHER?!?!)

    He clearly has the best hair, dresses a little more normal (I don't think I've seen him in tight, bright red jeans) and he's just plain cool.

    I love unashamed posts of this nature. KEEP IT UP POLKA DOT! ;D

  28. I'll be honest and say that I absolutely HATED the Jonas Brothers when they were so popular. I didn't like them at all. Everything about them just....I dunno, annoyed me. Everyone and their cousin was obsessed with them, so my cousin and I weren't. I do admit though that out of the three, Nick was the cutest, had the most talent, and the highest chance of a future after the 'JoBro'phase was over. I love that he is down to earth, and that he 'fist pumps little boys' as you put it. I remember reading an interview of Nick Jonas talking about his diabetes and how it helps keep him grounded. That gave me a respect for him. I also remember reading in his thank you thing in his CD (I read it from my friend's, I DO NOT own a Jonas Brothers CD) that he thanked Jesus first. Another thing for the JoBro Respect list. xD This was a pretty good post. ;) All things considered. And for the record, I'm not a Justin Beiber fan either. But thanks to his song "Pray" I have a respect. He has a list too. :P

    Jedi~Chick <33

  29. I've known the Jonas Brother's since the day they became famous! OK, so not quite, but almost! My older sister was #1 fan, and then dwindled away from it {although she often points out 'He's exactly MY age!!!'}. LOVE all these pictures {his sense of fashion is ah-mazing}, AND your commentary! {And I totally agree... nobody looks as good as Nick does while pumping gas! *swoon*} Totally loved Nick once I heard his early early early song 'Time for my to fly'! Thank goodness his voice changed!

  30. I use to be one of those CRAZY Jonas Brothers fans. I use to be the only one of my friends who drooled over Nick. I made the right choice, right? :]

  31. *refrains from saying what initially popped into my head...* ;)

    Why is it that all the *cough*weird*cough* singers turn out to be super nice, down to earth, Christians in real life? Grr.

    Oh- and thank you! Now I can tell my sister he's actually *older* than me. She was all giddy with "He's your age! Hehehehe!" :P Whatever article she read must have been like 2 years old.

  32. OKay, while I was reading this post, I was just like, "Eh. The Jonas Brothers?!?! Come ON!!!" But the last thing you posted, about his "thank you" section, and mentioning Jesus Christ first... well, erm, THAT CHANGED MY MIND! Big.Time.

    I think I kinda like him. And he IS pretty cute. :) And he's only a year older than me... whoo hoo! LOL


  33. *just rediscovered her lvoe for Nick* THANK YOU DOT.

  34. I've never really been a fan of the Jonas Brothers... but I'm a fan of Nick now, thanks to you. :)

  35. Yes! I'm so glad someone out there understands that the Jonas Brothers aren't just "another stupid rock band", that they are in fact Christians with amazing talent. People always say we should do hard and amazing things with our lives, and these guys already have, and they are so young! I respect them, and I love their music too. :)

  36. this post made me laugh. :) He does have awesome clothes, though! ;)

  37. Nick is awesome!Cute,funny,talented, well dressed :),cute,sweet,a Christian, good values and a great voice!Sierra(I luvvvv this post!)

  38. When I first saw the title of this post, I was like, "Oh brother, here we go again...", but now I think I have more respect for Nick at least. And I have to admit, he's pretty cute. Reminds me of my cousin, Ian...

  39. Never really knew a whole lot about the Jonas brothers - they were just another of those hyped-up Disney Channel bands I stayed away from, but I caught a part of Les Miz on T.V. and was like, "hey, that's Nick Jonas!" I had never really heard his voice by himself before, and I've got to admit, it sounded pretty good. :)

  40. "Only Nick Jonas looks that good pumping gas"

    That made my entire day :D

    I think that people like The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber get a lot of flak for nothing, really. I commend them for being good role models (some more than others) as idols.

    And rolled up sleeves on plaid shirts with awesome jeans? Oh yeah. . .

  41. Ok, all your posts really are great... but this by far, is the best one I have EVER read. I loved it!!! And I agree 110% with everything you said about him.. he's awesome!!! hehe

  42. He's definitely the hottest Jonas Brother, Nick is. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He's always been my favorite singer even 2nd to JB! I go INSANE when I hear his voice on one of my CD's or when I hear him on the radio!

  43. It's worth being late to school to read this post. I'm not alone -- I'm not! I've always had trouble finding pictures of him, though -- so thankyou. I love Nick J. That's all I can say.


  44. This post made my opinion of him go up. By a lot.

  45. are too funny, Miss Polka Dot. ;) Loved this post, though I've never been into the Jonas Brothers--any of them. :) ALSO, might I add that you are simply GORGEOUS!! We never get to see any pictures of YOU, you being the photographer and all in the house, but I am so glad you put up a profile picture that we can see of your face. <3 You are adorable.

    This post made me laugh. :D


  46. Thank you so much for this post!! I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy for liking him in Les Miz, after reading a hundred disparaging opinions of him.
    You have made me feel much better :).

  47. Wow. That's what I would call an obsession.

  48. :P I kinda like the Jonas Brothers.

    -Ley <3

  49. Wow! lol, I must say after seeing him in Les Mis I really began to like his music and all; and slowly found myself becoming more of a fan.

  50. I always wanted to like the Jonas Brothers just because they seemed like really nice peple and they are extremely cute, but I just really can't stand their music. :P However, I should give Nick's a try...I really liked him in Les Mis, and your post may have just turned me into a fangirl. ;) haha

    And he has a song inspired by Peter Pan??? WIN. :)

    Oh! And I totally agree about his hair! :D

  51. WAY too many pictures!
    I must say he does look more respectable than the average popular teenager. I didn't know he was in the new Les Miz!

  52. I. love. this. post! Haha Although I have sorta grown out of the Jonas Brothers, I still love them! They are so much better than the average teenage celebs. And Nick has always been my favorite.. <3 I never get tired of that hair! Awesome post, yet again. :)

    -Rachel Lynn

  53. I just found your blog through another blogger and am so enjoying your realness. I love your personality and your "quirkiness" (totally a good thing) makes your blog so much fun. Never heard a Nick Jonas song but after reading this post I am so tempted to go listen to one. :) I love his style too, btw.

  54. You have good reasons to like him. I've all ways kinda secretly liked him myself. ;)

  55. I am not the biggest Jonas Brother fan in the world... don't really care for their music. But Nick? Holy cow. Cute, very very cute. ^_^ I love his style!

  56. I'm so glad you feel the same way... :) *sigh* Nick Jonas is irresistible.

  57. Yeah, rolled up sleeves and great hair are trademarks in your family! ;-)

  58. I didn't hear them at all until I saw a video of Nick as Marius. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but I still felt he lacked the emotional depth of Marius. Vocally it was very good for his age and coming out of a pop background.
    I like his clothing style, too, now that I've seen it. Yay for rolled up sleeves! :)
    Even though I've never heard any band stuff and don't really want to, I do appreciate their openness about their faith and purity (though I think in some ways they've sent a mixed message with that).

  59. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my day a tiny bit better. I really needed to laugh. Here's my favorite lines:
    1. "Only Nick Jonas looks this good while pumping gas." I thought I would bust a gut! It was great.

    2. "He...doesn't sound like a girl/messed up boy..." How true. Where are the Nick Jonas CDs so I can listen away?

    3. "Wow...I feel such freedom." Letting loose is good.

    Thanks a million, Polka Dot.

  60. Sounds like someone is in loooooooooovvvvvvveee...

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  62. Okay, I'll come out of my corner and admit it...I like the Jonas brothers. I'm not a fanatic, but I'm a fan. I was so sad when their Disney show ended, even though the jokes were really cheesy. I actually prefer Joe than Nick, because to me Nick's voice is too...whiny, but I can stand his voice {unlike my mom ;)}.

    Cute post by the way. :)
    Thanks for sharing!


  63. First I listen to some of his songs on my friend's iPod, and now this? I swear I won't become a fan... I won't. Maybe.


    Loved the post :)


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