Saturday, May 28, 2011


When I first saw the preview of this movie, I wasn't terribly interested. It looked a little too out-in-space for my tastes. But then basically everyone I know was like "we watched Thor and it was awesome, and you would love it!" or "it was awesome, and you will totally love the guy" or in Hadley's case, "OH MY WORD you have to see this movie! Thor is the love of my life." Also, Benjamin told me "the actor got so buff that he wouldn't fit into his suit."

I decided I should see it as soon as possible. Last-minute-planning, of which I am so fond, resulted in my mom, sister, and I meeting my friend Hadley at the mall to watch it in 3D. I have never seen a movie in 3D, but I had this vague worry about the eyewear. 

Actually, the glasses were pretty great. Hadley and I had many awesome and immature moments with them. We're totally keeping them forever and ever.

And the 3D was pretty awesome, too. Basically, it made all the battles and shattering glass and beautiful people seem like they were RIGHT THERE in the room with you. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

I. loved. it. It was one of the cleanest new movies I have seen in a long time, the story was awesome, and it was just a downright good movie.

And they were right. So, so right. I totally fell for Thor. He is so my type, it's ridiculous. I mean, he even overturns a huge table. I loved how he was arrogant and hot-headed and impulsive, and that he learned from his mistakes.

 I loved that he was a gentleman. The whole time. Unlike some guys who I love (cough cough IRON MAN). From the very beginning he was totally respectful and insanely awesome toward the girl. 

His eyes are blue, his hair is blond, he's huge, and he reminds me of a lion. All good, good things.

Had to make this picture extra-large because it's such an awesome moment and he looks like a BEAST. I'm pretty sure he is the most ripped guy I have ever seen aside from those that have gone into the freak-show territory. By the way--mud? I love it.

As much as I would like to spaz out about the other reasons I love him... I'm not going to because I don't want to give anything away. : ) 

I actually don't think I've seen Natalie Portman in anything, so I'm not a fan, but she did an awesome job and I loved her awkwardness. : ) And that her name was Jane. By the way--did anyone else notice the Jane/Tarzan connections? Or... was that just my sad brain which is prone to pulling Tarzan into way too many things? 

Love this part. : )

The dad was awesome. He just was.

And the gatekeeper--yes. Just yes. The end credits revealed that he was Idris Elba, who I love just a little bit. 

OKAY. Let's talk about Loki.
This has caused a lot of strife in our house as my sister and I quarrel bitterly. It usually goes like this:
Me: "Loki is so BAD and CREEPY and I can't believe you LIKE him!
Bethany: "No, he's just misunderstood!"
Me: "NO, he's BAD. And Thor is beautiful and wonderful.
Bethany: "NO, Thor is lame! His face is like a box. His nose is a disaster. 

Me: "YEAH RIGHT. He looks and acts like a lion. And Loki looks and acts like a SNAKE."
Bethany: "NO, he's awesome! He was meant to be awesome. They just made him wrong."
Me: "Have you seen his mouth?? Creepiest thing ever."
Bethany: "No." *checks* "Okay, it is a little weird."
Me: "HAH."
Bethany: "But he's still amazing."
Me: "I can't believe you're my sister."
To see more of her thoughts, read her post. : )

I mean, not only is Loki weird and greasy and his hair is receding and creepy and crawly on his neck, but his color is green whereas Thor's is red. Um. I think this makes things clear. Plus. That part when Thor cries? When the tear drips off his face? Yeah. Never, ever, ever, forgiving Loki. I'd like to shred him with my nails. Which are nice and long right now, incidentally.

It was awesome watching it with Hadley. We tried not to scream and weep and laugh too much... but there were only three other people in the theater, so I don't think we made anyone too mad. : )

Yep. It's an epic movie. Go and see it. 


  1. This made me laugh, *hysterically*!! Mostly because that whole conversation between you and Bethany was SO, SO realistic! I could totally hear your voices in my head. Kinda creepy, but really funny!
    I love you guys... And I think I need to see this movie now.

  2. You are so good with conversations and talking about movies! Gosh, if I ever need a movie review I'll have, have to go to you.

    Much love!


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  4. I've heard such great things about this movie, so I might have to see it...though I've never been into superhero/action films. :)


  5. Ohhhh I WANT to go see it!! Is it Heath Ledger that plays Thor??

  6. oh i just saw that a couple days ago! i looooved it!! I'm glad you did too! I loved your review too, i agreed with everything. (including your awesome conversation with your sister;)

  7. Heheh--you said just enough to make me want to see it without giving too much away. Actually, I think a couple friends and I are planning on seeing it after work this week. SO.EXCITED.

    Tarzan for the win!

    Ooh, Natalie Portman is wonderful. She won the Oscar for best actress this past year, you know. I've always liked her.

    And hoorah for gentlemanly men! Iron Man and I have issues. I mean, serious issues.


  8. I love reading your blogs! They are so refreshing! Thanks on the review. I must see it now. I was/am still a little skeptic on the sci/fy thing going on. But it sounds like a movie I would love.

  9. Now I want to watch Thor--your post actually convinced me that it's a good movie to see. And your quarrel with Bethany over Loki made me laugh!

  10. Awesome! :D I think we have it coming from Netflix soon.

  11. Yay! I'm so glad it's getting a good review. I've been wanting to see it, and now I'm totally going to! Wondering if I'll like it more than Iron Man...

  12. Ooooh, now you're making me want to see it! I am like you - I haven't really wanted to see it...that is until I read your review! ^_^

  13. I wasn't interested in this movie at all till your post....when you compared it to Tarzan :D Incidently, several of my friends save their 3D glasses, pop out the lenses, and call them their nerd glasses. They appear at all "nerdy" type situations or occasions. They even brought them to prom :)

  14. Oh my word, i love your movie reviews. l.o.v.e. them. You are awesome :) Aaaand now I wanna see this movie ;] I had seen photos and heard about it but never really thought about it until I read this. Whenever you say "go see this movie", its a definite yes that I'll love it too! ;)

    much love♥♥

  15. love your style!!!
    congratulations honey!
    xxx =D

  16. I've never seen that movie, but, but, but that Loki guy is William Buxton from Return to Cranford, and I love him in that! No making fun of Billy-Boy Buxton.

  17. Interesting review! Makes me want to see it sometime really soon. Thanks for posting this! :)

  18. I always love your movie reviews. :D
    Even if I planned to completely ignore a movie you make me want to watch it.
    I actually had no clue what this movie was like and I was surprised! Now that I see the photos it looks like something I want to go see.
    Still haven't seen a movie in 3D. I live under a rock.
    Also? Save your 3D glasses for the 4th of July and wear them while watching fireworks - it is AMAZING.

  19. So glad you enjoyed this movie too! I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago - it totally exceeded my expectations. Such a fun summer flick! While I loved Thor, I have got to say I understand your sister's POV with Loki (mainly because I have a crush on Tom Hiddleston, the actor who plays him). :)

  20. Oh, we saw Thor a couple weeks ago, and we loved it!

    Ummm... Loki? I'm totally with you. He's ugly and creepy and gross and... *bad*!
    Yes, Thor was such a gentleman, which was great! (Although I still like Iron Man better. He's just cooler - big RDJ fan here. ;) )

    Anyway, yeah... I really enjoyed this movie!


  21. About Loki...

    ...In my defense never said "he was misunderstood" seriously. I said that he could have been awesome and had all the making of being amazing and then they choose to make him bad. I never said he WAS good. I said that he could be very cool. And the situation is more complex than just Thor=good and Loki=bad.

    Hem, hem

  22. about THOR: you've got my hooked!! i want to go see it just because you loved it, haha!!

  23. Okay I really wanna see it now. :)

  24. My husband will probably want to see it and thanks to your review, I'll recommend it to him. Natalie Portman's acting is improving and budding more and more since her Star Wars days. However, she won her Oscar this past year doing a discusting film, Black Swan, in which she participates in an explicit same-sex scene. The actress who was once held up high for her morals and values concerning her movies threw that all away. Saddens me.

  25. I totally sympathize with you, Miss Pickwickian. I had the same thoughts when I was watching it, (and knew you would too!)
    Pretty awesome movie, though! I loved it!

  26. Hey thanks for visiting my Thor review! In answer to your question, I did review The Last Song - here's the link:

  27. AHH!! I just got home from watching this movie and I love it! so epic and awesome :) I'm with you on everything in this post!! I love that he was such a gentleman. has blue eyes, blond hair and is huge. And I agree, the whole Thor's-color-is-red ends all the confusion ;) end of story! ;) ha!

    much love♥♥

  28. It was AWESOME, VERY clean, and I just loved it. Good good movie :). And I didn't think I was going to fall for Thor (I usually don't go for blondes), but I totally did. Haha, He was so NICE! And the way he looked at Jane....AAAH! I want someone to look at me like that. Haha :D

  29. i agree 100%! this movie was so good! had a great storyline! and i loved it!!! i think that you gave all the reasons why it is to be loved! just found out that they are making a 2nd one!!!!EEEP :D lol

  30. Hello, Polka Dot! My name is Hannah Marie and I just watched Thor, too! It was amazing! And I just wrote a movie review on it over at my blog, where I also wrote a paragraph about you and Bethany over here:

    With Hugs and Kisses,
    Hannah Marie

    P.S. I love your lovely blog! It's on my 'daily reads' list. :)

  31. My brother and I had a movie night a couple weeks ago and he brought this. I'm really glad I watched it with him because he pointed out all the movie tie-ins that would have completely gone over my head.

    I loved Thor's transition from heedless hothead to selfless leader. I was kinda rooting for Loki a little, but they had to ruin that one. I have a soft spot for the "bad boys" I admit it. I am eternally hopeful for their redemption.

    I loved Darcy; she is so me.
    "I grazed him. But she tasered him."
    "Yes, I did." *proudly*

    Also I made my brother read this review after we watched it, ha!

  32. I finally watched it yesterday. Your review was part of the reason I got more interested in seeing it! I love both Thor and Loki, but my sister says I cannot have Loki because he is hers already.

  33. Hello! I found your blog a few months ago, I just haven't commented yet. ;)
    I just water Thor yesterday, however, and totally fell in love...with Loki. ;) Sorry. Kinda side with your sis. :) Thor is amazing though too. (and Loki's mouth is not weird.) Did you not tear up even a little at the "because I'm the monster parents tell their children about at night?" line? Come on! That scene was fantastically acted.

    Yes, accents are amazing. Especially British accents. (and when you have a voice like Thor's. :) :)

    Awesome movie all round.


    P.S. I'm adopted, so that probably has something to do with why I side with Loki. ;P

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