Thursday, April 21, 2011

featured beautiful person: m

Remember that "featured beautiful people" series I started?
Yeah. Neither do I. 

But today, I'm featuring M, author the lovely blog, Dis FromageHer blog is one of my favorites--her photography captures the beauty in dried up winter scenery, the beauty of a breathless, emerging spring, and my very favorite--the beauty found in every unique smile. 

Another reason I love her blog is because her family is doing one of the things I'm planning to do when I have a family: adopt a baby from Africa. Yep. It's on my bucket list.

3-1-11 034

Here's a few questions I asked her, with a bunch of her lovely photos. : )

How many siblings do you have? How many are adopted? What has that process been like for you and your family? 
I have an older twin sister, three little brothers and a little sister. The three youngest are adopted from Ethiopia. The process of adopting them was long and hard, but well worth the wait. I can't imagine life without the littles. 

2-26-11 012

 Do you plan to adopt?
Absolutely! I definitely see my future husband and I adopting from Africa. I was privelidged to travel there to bring little S home, and every day am longing to go back. The country is beautiful and there's nothing like experiencing the beauty of adoption.

this was the first photo she posted of her brand new brother from Africa. when I saw it I nearly burst into tears.
I'm unstable that way. ; )

What do your future plans look like?
I plan on graduating from highschool and going to a local state college. Although I'm not entirely sure as to my major yet, I do hope to somehow incorporate photography into my future career. I know that if I love what I do, I'll never really work a day in my life.

this is one of the few photos that has made me laugh out loud. I want it on my wall to make me happy on bad days.
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
There's so much I love about it. Sharing my photos, writing out my thoughts, getting feedback, and getting to know other bloggers as well.

What's one thing you want to do before you die?
Honestly? I want to be kissed. It sounds so disney-fairy-tale-ish, but I know my first kiss will be one of the highlights of my life.

2-14-11 001

What inspires you?
I find inspiration through the little things of life. Blue skies, blooming flowers, the natural beauty of nature all around me.

4-7-11 040

What got you started with photography? What do you enjoy most about it?
I guess it really started back in '09 with my mom's P&S camera. I developed a love for capturing anything from an expression on a face, to the blades of grass in the front yard. Even now, capturing moments is what I enjoy most about photography. I can look back on a day in my past and reflect through the photos I've taken.

march 2011 281

Who are some of your heroes?
My parents. They've shaped me into who I am today and have given me a foundation to stand on.

march 2011 278

Favorite movie?
The Secret Garden.

Do you have a favorite word?
Hope. Because no matter where I find myself, there is always hope shining through.

1-6-11 016

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Every photographer has his or her own style. Don't be let down if your pictures don't look the same as others'. Your photos are beautiful because they're taken by you. That's why photography is what it is, each photo is unique in its own way.

4-7-11 034

Be sure and check out her lovely blog. 'Cuz it's just one of those that you need to follow.


  1. so gorgeous, the questions, the answers, the pictures. gorgeous!

  2. I just love your beautiful people features, especially because so much of that beauty is about what they are like and not just how they look! Keep em comin'! =)
    Kristina J.

  3. I love this idea, Polka Dot!

    M is lovely... thoroughly enjoyed reading her answers.

  4. Wow - what a beautiful story she has! She, herself, is absolutely beautiful as well! We know a few families who have adopted from Africa and I think that it would be a great privlege to be able to care for a child from there. ^_^

    I will hop over to her blog!

  5. Awww. That might be the cutest family ever. How adorable :)

  6. Awwww...loved this post. She is gorgeous, and we both have so much in common...No. 1...we both have three adopted little siblings! Such a blessings!

  7. Wow... lovely post... gorgeous pictures!

  8. oh beautiful pictures and blog as well.

  9. Great pictures!She sounds like such a lovely girl!Let me go check her out...

  10. enjoyable to read... and the photos are gorgeous!

  11. oh thank you so much for this!!

  12. M! You have such gorgeous eyes! And your photos are stunning. That second photo in this post really touched me.

  13. Agreed on M's eyes. Was just about to comment the same!

  14. Those children and M are so beautiful. Her photography is great, too! :D

  15. Such beautiful photos!

    Monique xx

  16. ahw! cute african kiddys!

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