Sunday, January 16, 2011

True Grit

I really have to talk about this movie because it seems like no one else is! 
I haven't read a single post about it on anyone's blog.

I went into it not knowing anything about it, except that it was a western, and Matt Damon was in it.

And let me tell you, that was enough for me to be super-excited about seeing it.

It was a very unusual movie... the kind of movie that critics love and some audience don't.

It's full of wide, star-covered skies, creaking leather, chaps, and noisy spurs.
What else could a girl want?

Well, actually, us female-types are inevitably going to be a little disappointed at the non-fairy-tale ending.

I told you that because if you don't expect the ending to be perfect, 
you won't be indignant when it happens.

Jeff Bridges made me love him...a considerable feat, 
considering my vague grudge against him for his personality in various other movies I've seen him in. 

Matt Damon's role was unusual for him and made me happy. 
His character's name is LaBoeuf, pronounced la-BEEF.
Which makes me laugh. We promptly named one of our kittens LaBoeuf.

So... go and see it. Ok? And then hurry back and tell me what you thought of it. : )


  1. I really liked it. I know a lot of people I knew that were talking about it were concerned because it wasn't the old one. I saw the Coen brothers were in charge and I knew this movie was in good hands.

    What is WEIRD about it, is that way back to the beginning of last year, True Grit was on my "books to read for the year" so I read it, thinking the entire time, how ugly the cover was and what is up with that girl's haircut? (from the original movie) and I got to wondering about how it would be made differently now. Skip ahead a ways to me on a different day wondering something about Coen brothers movies and why I like them when they are so...odd....quirky...the like. I decide to look up something in IMDB about them and discover they are making this movie. My mouth fell open and hung there in a stunned and very unladylike manner.

    Anyway. I HATE the ending of the book - and this movie follows the story exactly - so there you go.

    And, oh my, I've had a crush on Josh Brolin for forever. And he was a hot-headed good-looking cowboy in The Young Riders back in the day, so it was good to see him cowboy up again, even if he was a pathetic creep.

    End novel.

  2. I haven't seen it yet...but I can't wait! I love Jeff Bridges & Matt Damon, and I've heard the little girl is an AMAZING actress.

    I'll report back after I watch. :)

  3. My mom and dad went to see this a couple of weeks ago. I don't care much for westerns, but they said it was really good! Glad you liked it! : )

  4. Hmm, sounds interesting, I might just go and see it.

  5. My husband and I went to see it last weekend; we love westerns new and old. :)
    It is a fantastic movie. The original with John Wayne is good, also; but not quite as "stylish" as this version.
    The movie was brilliantly cast, and the cinematography is impeccable.

  6. I haven't seen True Grit yet, but everyone I've asked said it was absolutely wonderful!

    Question, Polka Dot... could you possibly send me an email at I have a couple questions about blogging to ask you! :)

  7. Please tell me that's not Matt Damon with the mustache...
    Other than that I'd love to see it. :) I saw the old version and didn't care for it...maybe I'd like the new one better. :)

  8. I haven't seen it, but I'd like to get it from Netflix whenever it comes out on DVD, even though it'll be like six months until it does. ;)

  9. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure I will eventually. I did notice that NOBODY was talking about it at all, so thank you for being a first! It's helpful. :P

  10. I want to see it but non of my friends and family want to see it :(
    I love the John Wayne "True Grit" thought I heard this one is more toward the book.
    I love Jeff Bridges and Matt Damond too :) Such great actors!

    Hopefully I'll get to see it soon :)

  11. you know, i thought this might be a dark movie, but then again (after reading your review) maybe not.
    i still think i'm in search of a good chick flick though... :)

  12. I've seen the trailer about 3 times, and I've seen the original True Grit with John Wayne in it. I'm really excited to see this newest version. What I like about this story and Rooster Cogburn is that underneath all that grit there is someone else... he's the kind of guy you could count on to help you in a pinch. And for LaBeouf, he's kinda the same way, despite his cockiness. I've heard nothing but good reviews on True Grit.


  13. Oh me and my "friend" Jobe were supposed to go see it together but we ended up not being able to. :( We saw "The Green Hornet" Friday night though. I really wanna go see "True Grit" though! It looks thrilling! :)

  14. I went to see it last night for the first time in film, and I really liked it. :)
    I might do a blog post about it soon.

  15. I love that movie! But it got cheated out of so many awards at the Oscars.....

    I just found this blog- and love it! You have many amazing posts! :-)



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