Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a tiny contest

Well, beautiful followers...
I need some help here.
I'm going to be brave and start advertising for photo shoots.
So I need to make a portfolio-type blog, and make some flyers...
which means that I need a name for my photography business.
This is where you come in--I'd love some suggestions!

And if you suggest something that strikes my fancy, these darling Eiffel tower earrings are yours.
They are provided by the lovely Gabrielle at Cinderbella's
Her shop and blog, Pink Tuesdays, are absolutely delightful, so be sure and check them out. 

You know what I love--Jesus and donuts and strawberries and polka dots and hope and, 
of course, red shoes.
A few things:
- I want the name to be very "me" and original... 
as in, I won't be able to find another blog/business named that if I Google it. : )
- But also not too immature sounding. 
- I am going to be advertising for outdoor shoots for seniors, families, and engagements.
- I am a natural-light photographer
- Since it's a business name, it can't be too long and complicated.
-I don't want it to be super-girly, because it needs to be guy-friendly, too.

I appreciate any ideas!
edit: if any of you have any tips on how to "get out there" with a photography business, 
I'd love to hear them!


  1. Okay, I am completely in love with those earrings! They are adorable! And congrats on stepping out with your photography business! Let's see, some suggestions:

    Polka Dot Photography
    Polka Dot Moments
    Polka Dot Snapshots

    If I can think of anything else I'll let you know. :)

  2. (Doughnuts are) A Slice of Heaven Photography

    I'll be back with more!

  3. Polka Dots {capturing the small things in life}

  4. I love those earrings!!!

    Here are some ideas:

    Sprinkles & Polka Dots Photography
    A Rainbow of Sprinkles Photography or A Rainbow of Sprinkles Moments

    I'll come back with more ideas later. :)


  5. I don't know!!! :(

    Pretty Pictures by Polka Dot
    The Best Moments Photography
    Voices Of The Past Photography
    Voices of Past Moments Photography
    Captured Moments by Polka Dot
    Moments Ago Photography
    Palette of Pictures by Polka Dot
    Blissful Moments by Polka Dot

  6. Polka Dotted Strawberry Photography

    :) I'll think of some more later :)

  7. Hmm... For now I have:

    Red Shoe {or shoes} Photography
    Psalm 23 Photography {I love that Psalm!}
    Let There Be Light! Photography
    For The Beauty Of The Earth Photography

    I don't know... just some ideas :)


  8. Hmm...

    The Simple Moments
    More than Donuts Photography
    Under the Icing Photography

  9. well, here are a few of my suggestions:
    Red Pearl Photography
    Red Raindrops Photography

  10. Those eiffel tower earings are too adorable! I only have one suggestion as of right now:

    {life is too short not too} Have a Lovely Little Strawberry

    or you could take off the part with the { }. ;)

  11. For God So Loved the World He Gave Us Donuts

    a little long, but pretty orginal if you ask me! lol!

  12. Have a little cake with your icing


  13. Strawberry Shoes.
    Strawberries Memories.
    Strawberry Light.

  14. Oooh this is so awesome that you're doing this!!!!!
    This Beuatiful Life Photography
    ...I know that's not terribely original, but it was the title of your photography contest....
    Tiny Red Polka Dot Photography
    I'll think of some more.

  15. I got it! I got it!
    The Camera Click Chick (I know it doesn't really show anything you like except maybe fashion but it was such a catchy name for a photo business I couldn't resist suggesting it:)
    Open Air Photography (As in the natural light thing)

  16. Ahhh! I love those earrings! How about:

    Polka Dots and Moonbeams Photography :)

    Sprinkles and Moonbeams Photography

    Sprinkles of Life Photography

    Sprinkles of Hope Photography

    Doughnuts {Essence of Life} Photography :)

    Sprinkle-Covered Strawberry Photography

    Polka-Dotted Strawberry Photography

    Sprinkles {Hope in tiny pieces} Photography

    and more later!

    I realize that some of these sound alike, so just take them one at a time. I hope this helps!

  17. Red Shoes Photography....?
    Polka Dot Pictures...? <-- that was entirely dumb.
    I can't think of anything catchy at the moment ((obviously)). I'll try to think of something today, then check back later. ;)

    But you could use something close to your blog title...when I start my photography business, I plan on calling it "City Street Photography", similar to what I plan on calling my Etsy shop, "The City Street Boutique".


  18. Red Shoes Photography?? eh, nahhh...
    but just an idea!! hehe

  19. Precious Polka Dots Photography

    :) Good greif, I have just left 4 seperate comments.

  20. You might try doing some photo shoots with people who would give their permission for you to put their photos on your web site, so you can make business cards that refer people to the site to see your pictures.
    You might be able to find someone who's having a wedding soon who would let you take pictures for your site.
    Try making business cards once you have a site and asking different Bridal shops or places like that if they would let you put your flyers/business cards at their place.

    Name ideas: (don't know if these are taken or not)
    I'm wasn't sure about food being in the title since your probably not focusing on that, especially since you want to name to represent you and what you do. :P But here's some thoughts:

    Precious Moments Photography
    Blue Eyes Photography
    Classic Capture/ Classically Captured Photography
    Loving Life Photography
    For His Glory Photography
    Red Rose Photography
    Happily Ever After Photography

    Anyway, that's it for the moment. :) I'm praying you can get into the business!

  21. That is so cool! I am so happy for you. Here are some of my ideas:
    The Polka Dot Express
    Red Donut Photography
    Red & Dotty Photography
    Hope & Polka Dots Photography
    Ring Around a Polka Dot
    Dots with Flavour
    Express and Shoot
    Dotty Pictures Photography

    Hope some of them are to your liking! Oh, I am so glad someone else likes Hornblower...I love it to bits. As to Doctors, I love Dr. MacNeill from the series Christy (have you seen it?), he is my fave!

  22. Hope Unfurled Photography
    Hope in the Open Photography
    Polka Dot Moments Photography

    I would stay away from anything too cutesy because remember with families and engagements there will be fathers and fiances who might not want to sit for a business named "Yummy as Donunts" or something like that! :-)

  23. I agree with Anna about the food, and I love her suggested names. Just sayin'. ;)

    Here are a couple more:

    A Little Bit of Sweetness Photography

    Sprinkles of Sweetness Photography {I love this one!}

    The Vintage Polka Dot

  24. I kind of agree with the food thing, but at the same time, Polka Dot, you seem like a crazy, unique person. So I would think that you'd be great with a kind of crazy, unique name. :)

  25. Sooo I'm a new follower and I love your blog!!! Thanks for sharing :)
    I thought of a couple names:

    [Red]y Set Photography (on your site or business card the [red] would be in the color red of course!)

    Your Day Your Way Photography

    [Red]ily Yours Photography (same idea as the first one with the [red])

    Polka Dotted Pictures Photography

    well....even if you don't like those I wish you the best of luck with a name! I can't wait to hear what you choose!

  26. Hmm..
    Free to Be Me Photography, Something Beautiful Photography, or maybe Little Miss and Her Camera Photography.
    I love your blog. You are so awesome:). I love how much you love Jesus... its simply amazing. Keep up the lovely work! God bless you sweet girl:).
    XXO, Jazzie
    {from: www.jsheaa.blogspot.com

  27. first, i love your blog, and i love how you love Jesus, as do i... i you want to take that approach...

    Internal Adornment
    [And let not your adornment be merely external-- braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God. 1 Peter 3:3-5]

    Precious [Photography]
    [She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10]

    First Gleam of Dawn/Dawn
    [The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn Proverbs 5:18]

    -- goes with you natural light thing, as does " {life is too short not to} have flare "--

    i hope these at least help with your decision, can't wait to see what you pick! :]


  28. The Speed of Light Photography

  29. Oooh, what adorable little earrings! :) Here are some name ideas:

    The Ruby Slipper Photography
    Polka-Dotted Pictures
    Spoonful of Sugar Photography
    Down Strawberry Lane Photography
    Strawberry Fields Photography
    Strawberry Alley Photography

  30. Donut photography. (not just for kids!)
    You could draw a donut to watermark all your photos with.
    Plus, you could tempt all the little kids to smile by giving them a donut after the photo shoot. ;)

    And, go you!! Way to get yourself out there and advertise for photo shoots! I've been thinking for a while about putting up a flyer in some coffee houses around town... it's a good place to start, anyways!

  31. Ohh! Fun! here are my ideas...

    Ruby Shoe Photography

    Let There be Light Photography

    And i'll come up with more later!

  32. So I'm not entering but I want to play too :)

    Rose colored lense

  33. Here are a few more ideas...

    Lights of Glory Photography

    Polka Dot Pictures

    Brilliant Images

    Dazzles of Light Photography

    And I may add a few more later...mabye. haha.

  34. I have a few ideas :)

    ~Beauty from Ashes
    ~A Wink and a Smile
    ~Definition: Perfection
    ~Your Moment: Captured

    That's all!

  35. And I just thought up more . . .

    ~Without Fear of the Future Photography
    ~She Laughs Photography
    (Both taken from Proverbs 31 :)
    ~Like a Child Photography

    I'm done!

  36. Yay! Good for you! You take magnificent photos so I love this idea. :)

    Maybe Gabrielle should give her two cents because her shop name and tagline are awesome. :D

    How about something to do with "sweet shots"?

  37. Life Through a Polka-Dotted Lens Photography

  38. Red Shoes and Polka Dots Photography

    Tagline: Capturing the little moments in life.

  39. the hope red ablum photography

    red in love and life photography

    in the bottom of my shoe photography

    red tomorrow photography

    red day light photography

    dreams in red shoes photography

    love forever hope of red dreams

  40. Those earings are darling!
    Here's my 2 cents:

    -Ruby Shoes Photography ( I'm sure someone else already thought of that but I didn't read the other comments so I'm not sure)
    -BlueSky Photography
    -BlueSkies Photography
    -Blue Sky Year Photography
    -Susannah Photography
    -Chasing Sunbeams Photography ( since you use natural light)
    -Strawberry Hue Photography
    -Tiger Lilies Photography
    -Tiger Lily's Photography
    -Princess Tiger Lily Photography
    ( For those Tiger Lily ones I hearkened back to your Peter Pan post, where you said you always wished you were Tiger Lily.)

    I hope these help!
    Those earings are just adorable.( =

    Love in Christ,

  41. Oh, I just thought of another one:
    Lorenzo Photographry

    ( I just couldn't resist)

    ( = ( = ( =

  42. I meant photography, I added an extra 'r' by mistake, whoooooops!

  43. What about:
    Polka Donut Photography :)
    Polka dotted hope photography :)
    Hopeful Strawberry Photography :)

    I may have more later :)

  44. sprinkles are the window to ones soul. pictures capture the moment they enter.

    hows that for being short;)

    i dunno, what about, sprinkles fill the whole the doughnuts left in my heart!!! uuuuuuuuhhh none of those have anything really to do with photography...hmmmm.
    howbout these,
    the doughnuts of life photography;)

    polka dot photography
    ( i think alot of people did that one actully..)
    ehh.. this is why youre heling me:)
    i really love your blog, its so fun to read:)

  45. OK here's some more... lol...
    Your Moment, I'll Capture It Photography

    Sweet Like Pink Donuts Photography

    Will Take Pictures for Cupcakes Photography

    Pink with Sprinkles Photography


  46. Oooh! I thought up another one last night... I was awake for most of it. :( Oh well!

    Shutter Speeds & Sprinkles Photography

    (I like it. ;) )

  47. I don't know if this one was said yet, but...

    Polka-Dotted Doughnut Photography


  48. Ok. Now I think that's pretty much everything for me as far as involving the things you said you love. :) If you are NOT going by that, (although I think you should. It's... unique. ;) ), then here are my suggestions.

    *It's Your Life Photography(because, first of all, the song. ;) Love it! And also because... well, you're photographing THEIR life! :) )

    Hmmmm... I'm going to need to think on this, obviously. ;) But I like the above! :)

  49. I've got another one! :) How about:

    Fields of Polka Dots Photography

  50. Okay I just had a few more ideas:

    ~Sunshine and Moonbeams Photography
    ~Sunshine and Moonlight Photography
    ~Sunlight and Moonshine Photography
    ~Sunbeams and Moonshine Photography

    Yeah they're all kind of similar but I took all these from the "natural lighting" thing.

    Also, I'd just like to say that I *adore* your blog! I just started following you yesterday but I still love it :)

  51. Oooh. Charity. I like. :) However, moonshine... hmmm... I'm afraid people might be thinking of the drug. =D I know you were not thinking of that, but still... :D I like the moonlight and moonbeams, though! :)

  52. The only one I can think of is Red Shoes Photography. It's super simple and it goes along with your blog. To add your signature you could put a small RS Photography in the corner of each picture... or course the RS should be in red.

  53. here are a few more:)

    of red shoes photography

    besprinkled doughnut photography

    pretty pictures are the whipped cream on a strawberry

    the polka dots in life photography


  54. How about:

    Capturing for Christ Photography

    and then you could put this as your tagline:

    Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. -1 Corinthians 10:31 B

  55. I have another one! I was thinking about it this afternoon, and this popped to my mind, as your camera is called Lorenzo.

    Lorenzo Shoots Photography.

    Hope you like it!

  56. How about Naturally Delightful Photography (with a polka dot border, the natural and light portion underlined, and the "i" of delight being the shape of a donut)?

  57. Let's see. I have one: "Little Miss Strawberry's Photograhpy". I know it's long but it sounds cute. It reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake.

  58. What darling earrings!

    I'm not sure if you're still doing this or not, but I'll enter a name anyway.

    How about

    The Polka Dot Lense

    The World Through My Eyes

    The World As I See It

    My Polka Dotted World

    Through the Camera Lense (sort of a play on Through the Looking Glass)

    Hope this helps!

    And I'm following now. :)
    Abby :D

  59. mmmmmm....
    Wow!! this makes me hungry for
    something sweet. How about...

    Sprinkle Me Pink Photography
    (sort of like tickle me pink:)


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