Wednesday, January 19, 2011 all honesty...

today, I
  • got up early. And went to my married sister's house with my mom and sister.
  • got out of the car at her house and realized I stepped in dog doo at home.
  • gathered the ridiculous amount of stuff  I seem to need to haul everywhere I go, my box of books tipped over, and my book fell in a huge blob of mud.
  • changed my niece Katie's diaper. Three times
  • hung out with my awesome friend Beka, who I have not seen in weeks.
  • rocked out to my favoritest rocking-out song.
  • watched Katie twirl in her princess dress.
  • jumped on a trampoline with my sister Bethany and Beka and screamed Despicable Me quotes. yeah, we're really mature.
  • saw the epic sunset and the ensuing shiny full moon on the way home.
  • got out of the car and dropped my water bottle in dog doo.


  1. Katie is precious! Sounds like you had fun despite the few mishaps. :) Those kinds of things seem to always happen when you don't need them to...murphy's law. :P

  2. Katie is adorable! Anyway, I feel your pain about the doggy doo; I seem to have luck as rotten as yours, lol.

  3. hahah, oooh no! :) This makes me miss you even more somehow

  4. Awww! Love your pictures! Sounds as though you had an interesting day;-) How is your photography business going?

  5. Adorable photos! Love the "jumping on the trampoline screaming Despicable Me quotes" I do it too;)

  6. cute pictures :)


  7. you and dog doo, man. ;) by the way, my sister and i randomly yell out dispicable me quotes too. whenever wherever, tee hee

  8. What a cutie and you definitely had an interesting day.

  9. Aw she's such a cutie! You had a very "interesting" day too :) loved reading it :D

  10. Thanks so much for your comments and for following my blog!

    I enjoy your writing style. :)


  11. I laughed. I'm sorry.
    Katie looks fabulous in that dress. Something between a princess and a fairy.

  12. Hi Polka Dot! I have given you an award :)
    You can go to my blog to pick it up:

  13. Your day was more fun than mine... even with the dog doo.

    -- Pearl

    PS: Your niece is a doll!


    Cute picture!!

  15. Hello, I'm a new follower. I just discovered your blog and love it! Your photography is enchanting :)

    Grace Marie

  16. So I don't often comment on your blog, partly because I don't have internet at home and am often saving posts without taking the time to read them online. But it is a serious source of entertainment. ;) Your writing style/fabulous photography are truly charming!

  17. I can't believe you had *another* encounter with the dog doo after getting home! LOL!

  18. that's awful that you stepped in dog doo and dropped your water bottle and book!
    i love sunsets. and sunrises. they're so beautiful.
    i love your blog title! i'm not terribly fond of red for myself, so i went for four inch bright blue heels instead ;]

  19. Aw, she is so cute! :) How many nieces & nephews do you have?

  20. Adorable!!!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life


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