Friday, January 7, 2011

"hope" necklace

This is officially my favorite necklace I have ever owned. I received it to review from Jessica Maia Designs.
I hardly ever wear necklaces, just because I can't find ones I love very often... or they are the wrong length to go with my necklines. This one is a 16" chain, so it's short enough to go with almost anything I wear.

People have been talking about their "one word" for 2010. Well, hope is mine. It's actually my middle name, and it's something I want to remember to always have. Because of my resolve to remember this word, I asked Jessica to custom-make me a necklace with the word stamped on it.

Hand-stamped sterling silver necklaces are my new obsession. I want like ten of them.

I wore this on New Year's, and I have worn almost every day since. I have gotten lots of compliments on it...even from my brother! I love how it's kinda reminiscent of dog tags... (military, not for canines). Those are something I have always loved but aren't super-feminine, you know? : )

And it came in this way-too-cute little box. : ) Adorable packaging makes me happy in a big way.

Do you love it as much as I do? Well... on Monday my giveaway will be starting up, and this is one of the items that you can win!


  1. The necklace is simply gorgeous! No wonder why it's your favorite. :D

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  2. Love love love it! I know what you mean about the military dog tags, I love them so much, but they aren't quite as feminine as one would like them to be. Such a pretty necklace and the packaging is so cute!

  3. Agh! Hope is my middle name too! So, immediately I wanted a necklace like that, then I read your middle name was hope! :)

  4. Just blogging around this morning and found your blog. What a beatiful necklass. You've done a great job with your page, thanks for visiting.

  5. that is gorgeous :) it looks really nice on you

  6. Oooh that is very pretty! I like it a lot!

  7. Oh yes, it's so pretty! I love that it's a dog tag. (:


  8. That's so beautiful!! Maybe I'll win something at your giveaway. I've never won an online giveaway, but most people don't, so. :)


  9. I never have, either, Ara. :( Mainly because I don't have a Google account. So I can't follow, which is usually the mandatory entry. :( Oh well.

  10. thanks for droppin by my blog and the super sweet compliment - made my day!!!!

    blessings! ;o)

  11. Ha, I seem to have a strange fetish for dog-tag-ish necklaces, too. Love how they made this one look feminine.

  12. I absolutely love that necklace! :)


  13. The necklace is simply gorgeous! No wonder why it's your favorite...I would not mind getting one myself too!

  14. I know! :) I want it! ;)

  15. That's sooo cute! Go check out my latest post, I gave you a blogger award! :)

  16. THAT'S SUCH A CUTE NECKLACE! :D I'm following your blog, by the way. :)

    In His love and light,
    Jessie Suzanne

  17. I tried to add your "Huge Giveaway" blog button to my blog but I can't.

  18. Beautiful necklace! Hope (translated Jesus!) is the only thing we need!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

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