Monday, January 17, 2011

a beautiful girl

entering this in Carlotta's photo challenge

I had a crazy weekend. It involved dancing my heart out under a white disco ball. And staying awake until an ungodly hour talking to my sister. And screaming and laughing and winning games in a basement. And eating truffles.

Today, I am still excruciatingly sore from my way-too-vigorous dancing. 
And today, I'm finally getting around to sharing these pictures of my beautiful friend Shayleen.

 Watermarking. It's something I've avoided, just because it seems inconvenient. But since I'm working on a portfolio blog for my photography, I figured I'd better get one. Drat.

I worked on adding one to a few of my photos (while watching the Boris Karloff Frankenstein, by the way). I don't love it... it's sorta boring. I just used one of the fonts on Have any suggestions for a watermark? I'd love to do an icon, too, but I can't think of one that fits the name...

And I need help with something else.
Shayleen is working on her modeling portfolio, and since she doesn't want to pay $500 for the super-good LA model photographer that her agency suggested...she wants me to take the photos.
Which is thrilling and terrifying. It's a great opportunity to add photos to my portfolio, too,
but I am just a little stressed out about the whole thing.

 So, if you have any experience with specifically model photography, I would really appreciate them!
Or if you know any great model photographers' sites that I could check out.

(entering this last one)

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  1. Keliah Engenstrom Photography is an amazing site to visit!

  2. beautiful pictures :)


  3. Love the pics ;)

    I had an idea for a logo... dunno if it will work, but anyway... what if you had a silhouette of a girl running (in a very pretty, dainty way, lol) towards a large light source? Okay, that sounds weird, but I mean kinda like when you take a picture of someone with the sun directly behind them, you know what I mean?

    Dunno... just an idea :P

    I have no experience w/ photography (my mom does, though.) but I will be prayin' for ya <3

  4. 1) Shay is gorgeous.
    2) You are an amazing photographer.
    3) You will do awesome.

  5. you could ask Olivia of HorseFeathers, she's a model.


  6. I can point you to one of my friend's sites - she is absolutely amazing. :)

    (her portrait photography) -

  7. Those are such lovely photos! I've never been very good at taking pictures of people. I wish I were... but you're just great! I especially like the first and third photos.


  8. Beautiful photos. I like watermarks that don't stand out to much, but are still easily visible, such as a simple white one like you have now.

  9. Wow... You should really be a photographer for models and such. You take beautiful pictures.

  10. Sarah Harris has done modeling for Christa Taylor, you might speak with them. You can find their pictures and things through Face Book, if you know someone who would let you see her stuff through their Face Book page.
    Hope that's somewhat helpful.
    ~Anna P.

  11. These are gorgeous! You did a beautiful job. I have absolutely no experience with photography/modeling, but browsing through Flickr is always rather inspiring.

    Oh, and I used to make graphic art and instead of using a watermark I signed my name on a piece of paper, scanned it into my computer and set it in the corner of all my pieces. Sort of like signing a painting? Since my name is a bit different all anyone had to do was Google it to find my site. Not sure if that's any help at all? As far as fonts, I'm crazy about Georgia. It's clean and legible and it comes standard on most computers, I think.

  12. Oh and don't be nervous about the modeling photos - really, I think they'll turn out wonderfully!

  13. Gorgeous photos! Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with modeling photography...but good luck on it!

  14. Lovely photos! Although some do look a bit "washed out" (espcially #5). Forgive me if that's the look you were going for. Practically everything is "art" these days. ;) I have no experience with model photography, a little with "portraiture," and a little more with photography in general.

    Recently I found this absolutely AMAZING site, with all manner of wonderful tips and tricks for better photos! Definitely worth your while to check out. I've been reading it for several days and there is just a WEALTH of helpful information. It's called Digtal Photography School where you can learn all about aperture, ISO, composition, lighting, etc.

  15. Great photos! :) That's so cool how Shayleen wants you to take the photos! Unfortunately I don't know any helpful sites, but I bet you'll do a great job!

    About the watermark icon, you could do a sun for chasing the light photography. If you were thinking about one more specific to your blog, you could do a red bow or shoe lace. Hope this helps! :)

  16. She's BEAUTIFUL! :) Awesome photography, too.

  17. She is really pretty :). Just an idea, I thik a little icon of a lighthouse would look really good, and fit the theme.

  18. Check out Sidney @ She does 'modeling' for her blog and it's really good. I belive the even has a tutorial on modeling photography on there!

  19. Such lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

  20. Your photos are CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So is your friend! My Mom is a photographer too! Again really love your photos!

  21. While I have zero advice on anything like that - I did want to say that your photos of her are gorgeous. The first one is fantastic and makes me wish I had eyes like her!

  22. I love your photo the editing is great (:

  23. Gorgeous photographs!


  24. I am falling deeply in like with your blog. :) It's 100% adorable. Everthing you've posted sounds exactly like me...especially the movies along the sidebar. Thanks for brightening up my day with a new blog friend! As for your lovely have quite the eye! The last one is especially my favorite.


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