Friday, August 6, 2010

Twelfth Night

Last night we went to watch a play adaptation of "Twelfth Night" performed outside. I really enjoyed it--their interpretation was very humorous, and of course Shakespeare is just awesome to listen to.
If you're not familiar with the story of the play--it is this: 

everyone is in love with exactly who they should NOT be in love with.

It was set in the 1920's. And this guy. Oh wow. I loved his clothes so much.
This guy is the Duke. He is in love with...


This is Viola. Who is in love with the Duke. But is dressed as a boy. And is his page or something.
So that's not really working out for her.

Olivia falls in love with Viola/Cesario. (awkward)

These are the random hilarious/super weird guys. With super weird socks.

Um, Duke, please put your hat back on...

This is my chocolate cake I ate while watching. :-)

This is Sebastian, Viola's long lost twin brother,
 pondering why Olivia suddenly is in love with him the first time he sees her.
It is because she thinks he is Viola.

The siblings realize that they are not both dead.
(they really don't look that much alike, you guys.)

The Duke is... shocked? retching?...because he just found his page boy is a woman.
Or maybe because he just realized his shirt was pink.

Olivia and Sebastian get married.

Duke: So... whaddya say... should we get together, too? Now that you're a woman and all?



  1. So, off topic, what do you think of pink shirts for guys?

  2. That was really cute, Suzy, the way you told that story. Where did you guys see that? Ashland?

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  4. LOL. Looking forward to hearing your response to Amanda's question. :-D

    I love your captions with the last two photos. Epic. :-)


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