Monday, August 23, 2010


We went to Seattle on the weekend. We were only there for about 23 hours, but that was long enough to see and do a ton of stuff... and, of course... take approximately one billion pictures.

We took the train.

We rode the ferry back and forth from Bainbridge island. Which was cool.

Benjamin wanted to jump off...

So there ARE a lot of pictures... prepare yourself... 
You're awesome if you can actually get through them all.

I so wanted to do this...

Sunset from the ferry.

We went up on the space needle at night... which was awesome, but it was hard to get good pictures. 

We went to the IMAX movie theater and watched Inception. 
It was so amazing. A post is forthcoming.
We didn't get to the hotel room until 1:45 AM. :-)

And then we got up in the morning and went to the Space Needle again, to see it in the daylight.

The view!

I got a cappuccino at the cafe in the Space Needle. :-)

We walked and walked and walked... and this is what Ben and Bethany were doing... 

These are my shoes. LOL.

On the monorail.

Architectural deliciousness.

I LOVE that red dress. Peacock! And red!

Bethany got the worst Starbucks drink ever. Green tea latte.
It tasted like alfalfa and grass and goat cud.

We went to the aquarium... this fish was Bethany's soul sister. Seriously.

We went a restaurant called Ivar's and I got shrimp. Yum.

I was having fun with a random freaky setting on the camera... :P

Pike's Place Market!

Of course we bought donuts...

Wanted to buy a hat... didn't have enough $$. :-(

The end. If you actually looked at all these, you are awesome and have a lot of endurance.


  1. Awesome!

    Love the pics.

    Green tea latte was a bad experience. :-P Benjamin was pal in cast it into outer darkness for me (the garbage can).

  2. Wow, you really are an amazing photographer!!!!! :) I love it when people post lots of pictures.

  3. Fun! My last trip to Seattle was for a conference so we didn't actually get to do any fun, "touristy" stuff.
    Great pics, really like it when people post more than just a couple, gives more of a idea of what all actually when on. =)

  4. Looks like a marvelous time! I'd love to visit that city someday. Cities are quite amazin'. ;) And I looooove your shoes.

  5. I love the pictures! All of them, except the alfalfa one- GROSS. But foreign cities are always interesting.

    ~Margaret Rowena

  6. Wow, that looked like alot of fun!
    I am just wondering, how did you know it tasted like alfalfa and goat cud? Have you, by chance, tasted either before? lol
    So happy that you got to go!

  7. Actually, I have tasted alfalfa! :P But not goat cud... LOL. It smelled exactly like it though.

  8. That drink looked nasty.
    Great pics, though!
    Good job for posting them so soon!
    I want to hear more about your trip!

  9. BTW, that's an awesome pic of Ben with the sunglasses.
    Is that the Space Needle reflected in the lenses?

  10. Good thing you were there to keep Benjamin from jumping over the side.
    Lots of fun pictures! I really liked that peacock dress.

  11. First of all, I LOVE your shoes. :P

    The sunset picture has to be my favorite of the bunch ^.^, followed closely by the view from the space needle at night. STUN-NING.

  12. What amazing pictures! I can't wait to see Seattle :D

  13. These were great pictures, Susie! Good job. I have such amazing memories of Seattle, they made me wanna go back so badly. And I loved that red dress, too ; )

  14. great pictures - looks like you had a good time. :-)

  15. Great pictures, looks like a fun time was had by all! Love your shoes, also hate the green tea latte, I made the mistake of getting the green tea frapichino myself..... =P

  16. Wow, *love*!
    The shoes...I had to admire them for several minutes before I could move on to the next picture.
    My favourite is the one from the Space Needle at night! *!!gasp!!* very amazing. May I have that picture? I want it for my computer wallpaper. :) If you have it in a larger resolution...that is. And if you don't mind me using it.


    Very good work my dear!

  17. This is great, Suzy! The pictures, the blog.... everything! I had no idea you were a blogger. Good job and keep at it!
    And by the way, your description of the green tea latte was perfect. I'll remember not to get it next time I go to Starbucks. ;)

    Hope y'all are doing well! Tell Bethany hello for me!

  18. Wow! What a great collection here... the one of looking up at the space needle is really cool!

    Mmk... For some reason, I didn't see the yellow fish picture... somehow I missed it, and thought the shrimp in the next picture was the reference to "Bethany's soul sister". Needless to say, for a while I was really confused and was going to comment something along the lines of, "Wow. I had no idea Bethany felt so akin to shrimp. Especially fried, breaded shrimp."
    I mean, I'm sitll confused about Bethany's soul sister being a little yellow fish, but I do feel relieved that she doesn't associate herself so closely with a dead, bottom-of-the-sea-scavenger that eats... well, you get the picture =P

  19. Rebekah,
    The fish thing is complicated, but we really had a connection.

    I was like, "Oh my goodness, its my soul sister!" and the guy next to us gave us all a pretty creepy look.

    Me miss fishy. Cwy.

    Hi!(And yes, never EVER get the green tea latte!)

    Miss Pickwickian/Bethany ;-)

  20. Was the guy next to you me? Cuz I was pretty creeped out too...

  21. Love your pictures! Especially the one from the space needle at night.
    And the dresses in that window! Ahh!! The orange color on the middle one is absolutely delicious!

  22. What a fun trip! I made it all the way through the pictures! Yay! I am awesome.
    Green tea latte. GROSS! Can't understand why one would even order that in the first place. Unless one's soul sista was a yellow fish, I suppose. ;)

  23. Uh...I'm allergic to coffee and chocolate and hyper sensitive to caffeine. We were starting a movie at 11pm after tearing about all day so I was trying to get some sort of kick.

    Yeah...anyways...what a fail.

  24. 'Twas fun lookin' at all your pix! That close-up one of Benjamin is really cool. Cute shoes and pretty sunset. Well, I guess it isn't necessary for me to comment on every photo... but, I must say that I really like the last one too. =)

  25. Hey, I looked at all of them, cause I live near Seattle, and wanted to see what you thought of the city. I've been to the IMAX theater once when I was little, I've had dinner up in the fancy restaurant in the Space Needle, and I've been to Pike's Place Market once a few years ago. And I've been to Woodland Park Zoo (which is great, by the way) and the Pacific Science Center (which is great as well) more times than I can count! I'm glad you liked Seattle though. :) And I LOVE Inception.



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