Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 16: A person you admire.

There are so many people I admire... 
but I decided to pick a famous person who takes a stand for Christianity.
Because people like that are so rare.

Tim Tebow is a homeschooled, outspoken Christian who played college football for the Florida Gators, and will be playing pro football for the Denver Broncos this season. 
(Read the Wikipedia article about him here.)

He made statements in favor of purity, against abortion,
 and writes Bible verse references in the black stuff on his face.
(Okay, I can't remember what it's called...)

And even though he has received a lot of flak for his outspoken beliefs,
he is still a respected athlete.
Because he totally rocks as a football player.

(That's him in the blue--jumping over the yellow stripey guy.)


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