Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The awesome party.

So I had a birthday.
And I had an stupendously awesome party with a bunch of super-cool people.

Of course it was a sleepover.
We ate way too much sugar, drank strawberry lemonade, rocked out to weird music, learned the basic steps to the tango (!!) and some of us stayed up until 4:30 AM. :-)

And of course we watched movies. Oh yes. Two romantic comedies (absolutely essential for parties), a totally goofy and hilarious movie, and an old musical. (We watched "Hitch" on ClearPlay...)

I just loved this movie. I think I'll be doing a post about it soon... 
basically it involved a Cuban guy (!!!), tango, and it was hilarious.

This is me with Anna, one of the super-cool people.

This is Hadley's foot. 

This is Hadley. Wearing one of the best colors in the world. Good job, Hadley!

Juli. I finally got her to smile... 

Rebekah. Being awesome. 

There were other people there... but I either didn't get pictures of them, or decided not to post the pictures I got of them so that they will still be my friends next time I see them...
 (aka they weren't the best pictures.)

Thank you to you awesome people who came... and to those of you who didn't... wish you'd been there! :-)


  1. :) Dude, that was an epic party :)We need to have more of them!!!!! And we need to watch Hitch about 8 more times!!!!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! :) Girlfriends are the best.


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