Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people.

I notice things. Like weird things. About people. Some of my friends are like this, which makes for great "OH MY WORD ME TOO!" moments... but everyone in my family is like, "What in the world...? You noticed his toenails?"

Yeah. Like I always notice what someone's hands look like. You could name somebody in church and I could tell you what their hands are like. 

I also notice peoples' ears a lot. And the obvious one-- eye color. Bethany says, "it's weird how you always know what color peoples' eyes are." But I mean... if they are talking to you and you're looking in their eyes... how can you NOT notice what color they are??


  1. I usually notice what bag people are carrying. I love bags and I'm usually judging whether I want one like their's.

  2. Well you sound like me! lol I am that way. :-D You have a nice blog! I love it! Fashion is one of my many interests and I found you off the Christina Fashionista blog in which I heard about from a friend of mine. lol I really love it! Come stop by my blog anytime!
    God Bless,

  3. Right there with ya. I ALWAYS notice hands and feet/ sister and friends always crack up when I say 'did you SEE HER SHOES?! Uggghhhhh!!!'.

    I LOVE the Natalie Portman quote on your sidebar. She's a favorite actress of mine.

    Maybe this comment is too long...


  4. Ha ha... I (almost) always know what peoples eye colors are! :)

  5. Ears is kind of an odd one, but I totally notice hands too! And I feel like eye color is a giant "duh" too, LOL!


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