Saturday, March 26, 2011

* happiness *

Today, I am running on that high that comes from having gone mall-shopping for the first time in months. 

From wearing two ponytails while tripping around the mall because none of my friends or sisters were with me to be embarrassed. (Moms don't suffer humiliation from pig-tailed daughters--they're cool like that.) 

From defying the odds by finishing the huge burrito and the adorable strawberry shortcake cupcake. 

From having just bought the cutest blue-and-white striped dress this side of heaven. The coupon code and unexpected free shipping brought it to only $18. I love everyone.

From having the comforting assurance of a cinnamon-roll-and-Mexican-love-song-filled, breakfast-in-bed-with-a-movie, photo-editing, Gone With the Wind reading kind of Saturday stretched out in front of me. 

From finally being caught up with my crazy life so I can post here again. Because I missed you. {:(

From sitting here in my plush pink pajama pants with margaritas and polka dots and strawberries on them,
and posting sunshiney pictures. : )

On St. Patrick's day, I got to do a long-awaited photo shoot with my seriously lovely friend Rebekah... the one who my brother is courting. : )

Our prayers for a dry couple hours in the middle of our moody spring were answered. On our way to downtown Vancouver, we were literally driving out from under the grouchy black rainclouds, into the sparkley sunshine. There was even a rainbow. I LOVE GOD. 

The fact that the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom made everything even better. : ) Plus I was wearing hot pink fingernail polish. That's a win/win situation right there.

Rebekah is crazily photogenic. She looked amazing in basically every single one of the 500 photos that I took.

Basically, right when I started to love doing photo shoots and portrait photography, thanks to my DSLR, the sun disappeared from our lives here in Oregon. So I hadn't gotten to play with sunshine at all in my photo shoots.

Suffice it to say, I am now in love with the sun in a major way. I mean, we were always close, but now I have experienced the thrilling delight of incorporating it into photography, and now I scream, "please please please sun, never leave me!" even more often.

She could totally be a supermodel.

Right about here I was like, "Rebekah, why in the world don't you have a fashion blog?? I could be your photographer..." : ) 

Her style is gorgeous, plus she's a natural poser.

Polka dot umbrella--yes.

The most rewarding thing about this photo shoot was how happy it made my brother. : ) We looked at the pictures together and he kept smiling and saying, "She's so pretty..." in a sighing, satisfied, dopey kind of way. 

Now I'm off to eat delicious and unhealthy food and watch a movie in bed. Let me know if you have any Netflix-instant suggestions. : )


  1. You are so funny! My favorite part: "I love everyone" and these photos are totally beautiful!!! You're so talented and she is beautiful!

  2. Love this post!
    I could use some sunshine and mall shopping myself!
    I've been stuck in the house for 5 days sick, plus taking care of a sick toddler =(
    Your friend is pretty so pretty, and you take awesome photos!

  3.'re back! So missed your posts! I love love love love love those pictures you took. Talk about amazing. You and me both girl when it comes to being in love with the sun. I have been in love with the sun all my life!
    Rebekah is so beautiful! Her hair is gorgeous....

  4. Your pictures are beautiful! I'm a little jealous of your camera... just sayin'. I must say, one of my favorite comments that you made is about what your brother said while you were looking through pictures together. That's adorable! :)

  5. Aw she’s so pretty!! Very lovely photos!! I love that feeling of ’shopping for the first time in months’!! Makes me feel aliveee! =D

  6. great pictures, she's adorable!

    Have fun watching a movie in bed....sounds wonderful.

  7. Such a cute post! I love the pictures and saturday movie watching is simply the BEST. Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the pictures!!!! So happy that had such a good day!!! :) I hope we get some sunshine here!


    PS. I believe North & South BBC is on instant watch still. I love that one!! :) <3

  9. Love the pictures! And I love two pigtails too :D

    Netflix instant recommendation: if you're in the mood for a hilarious, black and white, "chick-flick" then I recommend Shirley Temple's Stowaway. My sisters, cousin and I found it delightfully cheesy and cute :P But only if you're in the mood for that sort of thing :D

  10. GORGEOUS girl and gorgeous photos!

  11. She is so pretty- and yes, she totally should have her own fashion blog! Great pictures!


  12. She is so beautiful! And your an awesome photographer :)

  13. Rebekah! You are beautiful! How nice of you to be so photogenic for your photographer friend. :)

    My favorite is the one with the cherry blossom tree in back. Just the right touch.

    And I cannot tell you how many sunbeams I incorporate into my photos. I LOVE them. It's like you can look at the photo and feel the warmth.

    And what are those gorgeous grounds with the beautiful oak and the huge building? It looks so pretty.

    I have to comment on Jo's Netflix recommendation - my friend and I just watched Stowaway and it was quite adorable.

    Also? The Robin Hood series is on Netflix watch instantly. Richard Armitage - YES. ;) the guy that plays Allan A Dale? UH-dorable. And his eyes ohmygoodness.

  14. I love the full-body black and white one towards the middle, with her foot a little angled. It looks so *Rebekah*. I can see the little 6-year-old girl that shows up in old Family Camp Talent Night videos, but it's also radiating the beautiful Rebekah we love today.

    The Cosby Show is on Netflix right now... :-P

  15. Beautiful girl and beautiful photography. : )

  16. Great post! I loved reading it. :) The photos are beautiful of your friend, I love her black dress it is super cute!! :)

  17. You are so talented with photography and I always thoroughly enjoy seeing the photos you post! These photos are REALLY good. What type of camera editing program do you use? :)

  18. this post made me laugh, and then smile, and then i was jealous, and wish i had someone to take pictures of. :)

  19. Aw, that's a wonderful post girlfriend :) Beautiful pictures. <3

  20. Do you have another friend named Rebekah who is blond? If so, both are very photogenic!
    Have you seen The Young Victoria? One of my personal favorites...

  21. make me smile. :) We've all missed your posts! Rebekah is absolutely stunning!!! GREAT photos, girl!!

    Love you!! See you Wednesday ;) Don't forget Lorenzo!!! :D heehee

    *HUGS* ♥

  22. She is lovely. I love the shot of her and the umbrella! The fifth and sixth ones down too - I really like them! You were able to get some really good shots! Keep up the good work! :)

    I hope we get to see a picture of that new blue and white striped dress! :)

    To the KING be all the glory!

  23. LOVE this post! You make me smile, and the photos are completely gorgeous! :) I was so happy to see that you'd posted. Yay! :D


  24. The photos's are SUPER pretty!! And you are right! Rebekah should start her own fashion blog! You are an awesome photographer! Is that what you want be as an adult?

  25. Wow, your friend is stunning and she has a gorgeous outfit on in these photos. Love it! <3

  26. Wow - you are such a good photographer!!! I LOVE the 3rd picture of Rebekah (the one right above "Rebekah is crazily photogenic..." And you're right - she IS crazily photogenic! That is so sweet the way your brother reacted to the pictures. He's right, too - she is so pretty! =D
    Thanks for sharing these!!!
    Love in Jesus,

  27. I think maybe those pictures turned out amazing because of the model AND the photographer. Honestly, I fall in love with all the pictures you take. ;)

    As for a Netflix suggestion, Bright Star is really good. <3

  28. I love the pictures!! She's so pretty! And mall shopping... you can't go wrong with that. :)
    And I love buritos!!!

  29. Thanks again for doing the shoot... Everyone here should know that really, I wouldn't have been as comfortable or relaxed with another photographer, so the pics probably would have been... not cool ;-P You're the best, and You. Are. Awesome!!!!

  30. This is nice photography...
    But she actually looks more amazing in real life :)

  31. I knew this had to be an Unger! I know her sis Bethany. Wow do they look alike! Lovely! :)

  32. loverly. period. pictures of a posing goddess!

    netflix suggestion:
    I just watched it from there...
    adored it. period.

  33. These are gorgeous! Such beautiful photography.

  34. All of these picutes are so beautiful. You have a gift at capturing the moment, good job!

  35. ~~~~~We looked at the pictures together and he kept smiling and saying, "She's so pretty..." in a sighing, satisfied, dopey kind of way.~~~~~


    Beautiful pictures!!!

  36. Okay, so you so have to post pictures of your blue and white stripe dress! It sounds adorable.

    Rebekah is stunning. Her hair is perfect and her eyes are gorgeous. And great job on the photos.

  37. She is CRAZILY PHOTOGENIC!!! She's really pretty! By the way, I adore the polka dot umbrella!

  38. wow! you are just too gorgeous!!
    love the sunshine in them :)

    and your hair! ah! i wish :P


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