Monday, February 6, 2012

sooner or later, we're gonna make it.

we had our long-awaited epic movie-fest weekend. Bethany and I went to Benjamin and Rebekah's awesome apartment for many hours of movie watching and unhealthy snack eating. and in the morning, Benjamin and I went to gym (first time I'd even been inside one) and he proceeded to channel his inner personal trainer.

aka my body is brutalized by the worst workout ever. also, I haven't been working out really at all, due to being sick over and over again. so I was out of shape + sick, but wanted to do everything, and now I am paying for it, big time. my upper body handled it surprisingly well, but everything even associated with my legs is destroyed. I have to walk on my tiptoes, with my knees bent, without picking my feet up off the floor. basically think: Edgar from Men in Black or Frankenstein's monster. fun times.

it was a good weekend. :)

the crazy-gorgeous weather continued on Sunday, and I limped around and got to take some pictures of some awesome people. the aviators were broken out, there was actually too much sun for some of the pictures, and it was just all-around amazing. my appetite for summer has been whetted...

parkour-ing. :)

goal this week: kick this cold for reals this time, and be able to return to walking like a normal person.

random song lyric title again for ya. ;)
-mat kearney


  1. Aw, pretty pics of some nice-lookin' people :)

    WE still need to do a photoshoot, young lady!! SOON!!

  2. Now I want donuts! Gosh, why does life have to be so hard sometimes?


  3. mmmm... doughnuts.... great shots =)

  4. I've been to the gym with my brothers before. It ended painful to say the least! haha!

  5. Mmmm. Donuts + coffee are a good way to start a day. I hope you had coffee. If you didn't, I'm sorry for you. :)
    I try to watch my coffee intake, I look at each cup as I drink it! Ha,ha. No, I've been making it an occasional thing lately. But I love a good donut and coffee.

    I hope you kick the cold - I've been fighting one that is such a cling on! Can't it get along without me?!


    (By the way, I've been keeping up with your blog in my Reader for probably over a year! Those donuts made me comment. They did. :) I love red shoes!)


  7. Aahhh that food in the top picture looks yummy! <3

  8. I hope you get over your cold soon! *cough* Donuts aren't actually the best medicine.... harsh though it sounds.

  9. I love the colored photo with the sunglasses. really cool!

  10. Mmm...donuts are delighfully yummy!

    P.S.I noticed that you’re still following my blog, Footprints in the Sand, and I wanted to let you know that I’ve begun a new blog. My new blog is called College in a Coffee Cup ( and I’d appreciate it if you would follow it instead of my other blog.
    Thanks a bunch!
    ~Elizabeth J.

  11. my little brother and his friend love to parkour :) there have been quite a few minor parkour injuries!
    I love these pictures! Can I ask you a question? What lens do you use?

  12. Oh my goodness! I love the park-our photo!! I have a friend that does it really well! Your photo is amazing ;D

  13. what a great blog!! Love it!
    following you now - hope you can check out my blog too!

  14. Adorable photos..loved every single one!!!

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