Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love day.

My Valentine's Day was exciting because I left the house for the first time in days, and because I got to see mah baby all grown up and saving China.*

I had been craving Starbucks (not to mention the outside world in general/shopping/buying basic human rights [blue conditioner]), PLUS the basically-brother, next-door-neighbor boy Sam got a job at the Starbucks nearby.

So crazy-proud of him (he was pretty much born to work there), and we wanted to visit. We walked in and he was all manning the drive-through like a boss. Took pictures before he even noticed we were there. 

And then hung out with him while he was on his break and drinking his FREE drink.

But I didn't get a Valentine's Day cup (which was one of the reasons I needed to go to Starbucks in the first place, sheesh) so then we drove through to get one. 

This cup is pretty much the best Valentine's Day thing this year--I love how it has the different kinds of love. Can we stop with the either/or of bitter singles complaining about the depression or the lovebirds sapping out about the happiness? Sure, it's for mushy stuff, too, but I think the day should be a day to celebrate, recognize, and be thankful for all kinds of love.

It's a good day to be grateful for all the different people in your life who you get to love/be loved by: the brothers and the sisters and the card-giving parents and pretty-much-family-members and the best-friends-forever and definitely, the husbands and fiances and super-special certain guys.

Last year, I said I could conquer the world with one red rose. This year, that ridiculously thoughtful brother of mine gave me two. Imagine the possibilities! 

It was a good day. I got out of the house, I got Starbucks, I rediscovered this song, I bought post-it-notes and put them to use.

instagram photos:

v-day sunset

- dream like new york, tyrone wells.

bracelet I got in the mail,
bought in Poland by Miwaza, who lives in Japan.
my phone. her name is Esperanza. 
reading. lots of reading.

I hope yours was a good Valentine's Day. ♥

*if you didn't catch this Mulan reference, please do go and watch the movie immediately. 


  1. Totally got the Mulan (Eddie Murphy will always be Mushu to me!) reference, love that movie!
    Glad you had a good Valentines Day!
    My Starbucks cup was so plain and sad this morning, sad day!! =(

  2. Hahah. As soon as I saw the picture in my blog feed I knew it was Starbucks... clearly I've spent too much time there recently... ;D



  3. It's so awesome that he got that job! He looks pretty legit in the Starbucks clothing!

    Fantastic post!

    For anyone who is interested, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY:

  4. Oooh, you totally got me craving Starbucks!
    Nice pictures... I like how your nail polish matches the cup. XD


  5. Switchfoot. <3
    I love this. The love in Valentine's day doesn't have to only be about romantic-ish love, but all types of love. =)

  6. Sam is so cool. Love the cup. You are right, we need to be grateful to those who are close to us.

  7. Mulan is the BEST movie ever! I spent so many Summers watching that movie on repeat. It will always hold such good memories for me. Not to mention I got a whole new stack of phrases from it! haha. ^_^

    I LOVE those Starbucks cups. They are adorable! And I quite agree, Valentine's day is about love in general and that's why I think everyone should be happy to celebrate it. ^_^ I never got the whole single awareness day thingy!

  8. loved this post! those starbucks cups are too cute. I'm sad we don't get them over here in Europe! Your pride for your neighbor is the cutest thing ever - and what a sweet brother. Glad to hear you had a great v-day!

  9. haha great post girl :) i LOVE starbucks cups and glad you were able to get the "love" one :) xo

  10. nice! i've always liked Valentines day... more so because of the candy. What book are you reading?

  11. I didn't get it till I saw the asterisk. Don't worry -- I'm good. That Starbucks cup is entirely to amazing! Wish I'd gotten one ;) Those roses are lovely, and reading is oh-such-a pleasure. I hope you're having a lovely day =)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  12. I'm glad you had a good day and finally got to go out. :) And you got roses! I'm hopeful that someday someone will give me roses. :D
    btw I'm doing a giveaway on my blog that you might be interested in. Just thought I'd let you know.


  13. Super cute V-Day cups from Starbucks. I love that place - and I haven't been there in, like forEVER. *sigh* Have to go in next time I get to the "city." =)

  14. Gee, I think I could live without an iPhone/iPod touch, except that I really would love instagram. *sigh*
    Ooh, I have a friend that works at a coffee shop (not starbucks, but they brew starbucks), and it's SO wonderful to get free drinks. Loved their cup this year too--hehe your little analysis of it made me smile. ;)
    eeee I'm listening to "your love is a song"'s one of my favorites from Switchfoot.
    Esperanza? ahaha awesome! I totes need to name my phone now...

  15. I wish I worked at Starbucks! Love the cup and love the pictures- both instagram and others! :)

  16. that cup is adorable! i want it. Happy late V-Day!


  17. ahh! i love those cups--got one right on valentine's day, when we went with our friends to do our yearly tradition of "going to safeway and watching all the cute old guys stumbling along the flower aisles." haha XD it's so much fun. :) and super cute. :)


  18. Awesome post!! My sister works at Starbucks :) I love their Valentine's Day cups haha!

  19. this post made me very very very happy! thank you.

  20. Well, THIS is a familiar sight! :) My husband is a barista at Starbucks and I spend a good chunk of time stalking him, I mean...supporting lurking in the corner and watching him make coffee. He's usually on the drive-through, too, and I have so much fun hearing about his work day!

    I love that you named your phone. Lol. I should do that!


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