Tuesday, October 4, 2011

no, i don't like rain.

On this rainy, depressing, dark-side-of-autumn day, my soul is rebelling against the inevitable death of summer. it's harder to embrace the new season when it barges in with drizzly rain and general grossness instead of glorious classic autumn-ness. I'm not done with summer yet, and it already feels like winter.

And winter = rain, rain, and rain. forever.

This. This was a good sky. It was like my own personal drop of rainbow. Rainbows! Come back to 
me! I need you now.

On a lighter note.


. Jess and her sister did a second round of "spot the blogger" and I was one of the bloggers that she drew! (they're designing over here now) It makes me very happy and I gotta say--the hair on the left--pretty much my life-goal for my hair. You gals are awesome. :)

new favorite song. totally obsessed.
hearing the song in your laughter
a melody I chase after
no one else has done this to me.
kamikaze airplanes in the sky
are we going down or will we fly?
this could be a shipwreck on the shore
we could sail away forevermore
this time it's sink or swim.

. pinterest, as always. seriously, it's an instant happymaker. trying to avoid the crazy-delicious dessert pictures so I don't abandon all resolve to cut back on sugar for awhile (I don't even feel like me anymore) and start rabidly making banana chocolate chip cookies, jellyroll, and nutella pudding.

. this. :)

. and this. horrifying, mind-boggling, powerful, beautiful, and hopeful. it's long, but it's worth it. 


  1. Woo hoo! First comment :) I love the first 2 pictures, and that drawing of you is amazing!
    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog!

  2. hahaha, try living where I live for a week; where it's raining and depressing and cloudly all. the. time. xD

  3. that drawing of you was so great!!! I am so glad you got chosen! <3

  4. LOve that first photo.

    V cute illustrations of you. :)

  5. dude! how can you not like rain? rain is awesome! well, considering the fact that i live in texas and we're currently experiencing a drought, i think rain is awesome.
    lol, great post, and i love that drawing of you! :))
    -jocee <3

  6. That 180 video is awesome. We're big fans of Ray Comfort and Living Waters.

  7. Thanks for the song recommendation :)

  8. OH, yeah, it's been raining non stop in MD, too. Thankfully, I was out of town for those rainy days, but still. We are one wet (and extremely cold!) state.

  9. That video was very good (but depressing)...

  10. Embrace the rain. Sit under a metal roof and listen to it fall. Light a fire, grab a pile of caramels and apples and curl up with a good book (thanks for the loaner, BTW!). Firelight glow is as beautiful and sun-glow in a completely different way. Enjoy the good excuse to stay in and spend a day on your computer with pictures and a blog because it's just "too rainy" to be out and about. Rain is glorious in it's own way.

    That and you live in Oregon.
    So, why fight it?


  11. Every once in a while, I like a rainy day. No, I wouldn't want it to be rainy 24/7 where I live, but it is those kinds of days that make me want to curl up with a good novel or watch WAY too many movies or DVD sets. =D

    Glad you posted something! =)

  12. A lot of people need to see this video! I love Ray Comfort. I went through a course of his, on dvd, called The Way of the Master. If you liked this video I'm sure you would love those videos! It's a evangelism course. It really helps you look at what is really going on. God bless and have a wonderful rest of the week! :)

  13. really?? I love rain...I mean love rain!! not all the time of course. everyone has to have some sunshine in their life.

  14. sorry you don't like rain...I love it! But maybe that's cause I live where we don't get much and this year it is a very welcome treat for there has been hardly any! :)

  15. great video! and it defenitly worth watching all the way through, I think that it is a great way to help get friends and family to think about there stance on abortion. Thank you for sharing it!

  16. Sorry you don't like rain :P

    And congrats on getting drawn!! haha

    Ooh! I'm recently hooked to Pinterest ;) Post coming about that soon!


  17. oh yeah, you were featured girl! congrats on getting drawn :)

  18. I love your blog, I just came acrossed it..
    Im a new follower. I also have a fashion.girly blog..please follow back,


  19. i have a love-hate relationship with rain. when it rains on a good hair day, rain is my unforgivable enemy. but when it rains while i'm home curled up reading a book, we are inseparable buds.

  20. Congrats on getting drawn!

    I just recently saw the 180 video with my family. It is totally...horrifying...amazing...inspiring...awesome...what you said. =)
    My Mom did tell me to go to another room for a few parts, since I'm easily upset by certain things. But, Overall, it was amazing!

    His Princess,

  21. Powerful video. That guy has great boldness--an inspiration.

  22. I love that song too! I am back blogging again and am catching up on everything I missed. Lovely blog as always... I enjoy all of your posts! :)

  23. Hey, don't say anything about rain because we need it in KS. really. :)

    The 180movie is pretty cool. I didn't realize how many people didn't know who Hitler was.

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