Wednesday, October 19, 2011

last one.

This was our last beach-trip of the summer. FOR REALS. Other than the occasional middle-of-winter, last-minute day trips when we're running low on saltwater and beach breeze in our bloodstreams.

This annual trip used to be just our family of eight and our super-close-and-basically-related next-door-neighbors. Then two of my siblings got married to people and had kids, so it got bigger, and then one of us married one of them. So now we are honest-to-goodness related. : )

us. minus Juli (sick in bed *weep*) and me (taking the picture, duh.)

Now the whole thing is bigger with four extra babies and two in-law-siblings. 

Sam and his sister Hannah (who, having married my roguish brother, is my sister-in-law) 

Sam and I are crepe-makers extraordinaire (not really... mostly we like eating them). We made them from a recipe I found on Pinterest. Yay for actually doing stuff from Pinterest instead of only twitching around and getting vaguely inspired! I have an entire board to inspire me to actually do the epic and creative and delicious things on there. : )

They were pretty awesome, I gotta say.

Sam forcing Juli to eat inordinate amounts of whip cream.  

HAH. Rogue PC-loving brother caught with Sam's Mac. (it's pretty much exactly like mine but has a fabulous blue case which mine doesn't. weep.)


Our coast is rainy most of the time, but the entire weekend was crazy-glorious. Take that, winter.

Ruby and Grandpa ("Dappa")

teeny-tiny very dead octupus/squid creature. 

Ruby and her daddy (my brother)

Lucky Charms are my new obsession. Gah.  


Ruby and Juli 

Sam and Benjamin had a very violent, good-natured, and egotistical obsession with throwing the football. The entire time.

my sisters. :) 

Ruby and her Nana

my mama. 

Katie had the best time ever throwing wet sand at Uncle Joseph. He swiftly achieved temporary-favorite-uncle status.

Katie is absolutely obsessed with the ocean. She never wants to leave, and always insists "no, I not cold!" even when her lips are blue.

This was the last-ever beach trip with Benjamin before he gets married. Gah.

Sam felt the need to creep, despite the fact that my taking-pictures-of-me-and-a-group skills are awesome and therefore there was a Sam-sized gap right by Ben.

This is so classic. Sam grimacing about something freakish/weird/awkward that Benjamin said, and Benjamin and Bethany laughing.

I like this guy. A whole stinkin' lot.

Benjamin seized favorite-uncle-status by his alluring new smartphone. Ruby is hooked on Angry Birds.

She's better at it than I am.

Victoria and her papa 

Katie said she was going to get married. We said, "where's your good guy?" and she said "no! I don't need a good guy!" We said "who are you going to marry?" *silence* "I'm going to marry these!" (plastic hippopotamus and rhino.)

all the originals. :)

Creepy Bethany, the beach-scuttling-demon.

It was an awesome weekend. And a perfect way to end our summer of running-all-over-the-place-especially-the-beach.

p.s. does anyone have any ideas why my pictures would get pale/grainy after editing them in Aperture and then uploading them to blogger? they look way different in Aperture. agh.


  1. oh gah. this reminds me of my trip to Massachusetts earlier this year...and it makes me SO excited about the trip to Myrtle Beach [SC] in FIVE MORE DAYS. My sick little brother has never been to the ocean, but is fascinated with it [and the monsters that lurk beneath that deceptively calm surface, wuahah]

    Beautiful pictures, even more beautiful family. <3 Your little nieces are the darn cutest gals I've ever seen! [apart from my own sister, of course ;) ]

  2. Your family is so beautiful..that includes you to, gorgeous! I am so jealous that you were at the beach...I haven't been there since I was 6 or so. :'( gah :P
    And finally I ♥ your blog!!!

  3. That one post of I think it was your brother standing on the post on the beach made me think of the karate kid pose. :)

    Again, I love that you post so many pictures! <3 And I love how you capture the memories with the people you love.

  4. awesome pics! made me wish i could've been there with you guys :)

  5. wow there are a lot of people at the table. that looks so. much. fun. :))
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: poor tiny dead squid/octopus-type-thingy. :(}

  6. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun. I need to see the ocean sometime, seeing as I never have.

    I also LOVE lucky charms, except I'll just eat all the marshmallows and leave the "real" part.

  7. Oh Polka Dot, I'm so jealous! I LOVE the beach!!! ;) Love love love these photos! Your family always looks like they're having so much fun together--love it!

  8. oh my dayz!!! you are such an awesome photographer, you should set up a site to sell prints. amazing. tell me your secrets!

  9. photos. Gosh I just died. ;) haha looks like sooo much fun!

  10. Stunning photos! The little ones are adorable and your crepes look delicious!!

  11. Love the octopus/squid creature. :) Wish I found one of those.

    And totally jealous of that beastly Captain America T-shirt. I love him.


  12. Oh my, those baby eyes are HUGE! and adorable, of course ♥♥♥

  13. Amazing photos! I love Virginia's blue eyes.:)

  14. Great post! I love your photos :) About the fuzzy photos, I know that sometime Blogger doesn't cooperate, and uploading the photos through Blogger makes them fuzzy. I usually upload mine to Photobucket and then insert them into my posts. Just an idea :)

  15. Gorgeous photos!!

    I think someone else said it, but blogger messes with the image quality somewhat. I upload mine to flickr and insert them in my posts, which works beautifully.


  16. wow! that looks like a lot of fun! like the so totally ideal vacay!

    luv you blog!

    <3 Hannah :)

    Smile... cause GOD is in control!

  17. NOOOO! Not the squid... :(

    Great pics! Love 'em :D

  18. One of my favorite things about your trips is that you guys always have flowers. Inspires me to someday have a flower garden too! But even when you travel across the country (or world!) you always seem to have a vase of flowers around! I'm betting you mom was inspired to this by Edith Schaefer.

  19. PS Lucy bought that same plastic animal set last month.

  20. your beach photos are awesome, totally beautiful

  21. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!!! I love how you can see your camera reflected in your sunglasses while you were using your epic self-portrait skills. :)

  22. Cool pics.You are an awesome photographer..

  23. What a gorgeous place! Life can be so beautiful and fulfilling.

  24. What is this?? You went to the beach again? -sniffles- Take me next time, please.

    Sam has cool shades. Well, so do you of course. (:

  25. The little ones are precious! I love that I feel like I kind of know your family now! I recognize everyone. :) You make me wish I lived by the beach.

  26. :) I like your beach posts - all the funny goofing off photos and family fun! You guys really do love the beach!

    I <3 the way you <3 your people!

  27. gorgeous!♡ sounds like so much fun :)♡

  28. these photos are simply amazing.
    they got me smiling(:
    xo. Jazzie

  29. I think your pictures look amazing...not grainy/pale at all. But sometimes uploading them to an online server does shrink the resolution -- making them grainy.

    But, back to the post, so much fun! I can't wait for the day all my siblings are married and give me little nieces and nephews to spend awesome beach days with :)

  30. The photos look good to me! I love the last one.. what a beautiful sunset!! :)

  31. I want your camera!!!!!! haha I love the pics of Ben ( i think it was Ben) jumping in the air. Very cool! Would love to go to the beach. :)

  32. I want your camera!!!!!! haha I love the pics of Ben ( i think it was Ben) jumping in the air. Very cool! Would love to go to the beach. :)

  33. I love this post. It's beautiful. Sounds like you have loads of fun with your family :)


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