Thursday, June 9, 2011

From Prada to Nada

This movie is a soul movie, wiithout a doubt. 

It's a modern retelling of Sense and Sensibility, set in Los Angeles. Elinor (Nora) and Marianne (Mary) are Hispanics living in Beverly Hills, but when their father dies, they lose their money and have to live in the grungy, very Mexican side of LA. They don't really consider themselves "Mexican", so they have to adjust to the new culture. 

Which is one of the many reasons I love it: because I absolutely adore Mexican culture.

It didn't have a wide release in theaters, and the critics weren't very kind. It's true, the acting isn't fantastic, but there is always a place for sweet romantic comedies with a happy endings. And there aren't enough of them.  

I thought the movie translated the story into modern times beautifully. And I actually liked some of the characters more than in the other movies, and even the book. 

Nora is appropriately level-headed and bookish. And she has some super-adorable outfits. The dynamic between the sisters was faithful to the book, and to sister and I can testify to that.. : ) 

Mary is more materialistic than romantic, and the movie's only objectionable content is because of her. Her clothing is appalling, and her mouth isn't very clean. But she pulls off the whole foolish-girl-we-get-mad-at-but-love-anyway thing.

This movie actually made me like Edward. Which has never happened before. The plot changes make him much less in the wrong, and he is just the right amount of awkward, but still likable. As in, he didn't stand around with his shoulders hunched and his eyes darting around, looking for all the world like he was desperate for the nearest restroom.  * cough, cough Hugh Grant. *

Okay, so this is making it obvious that I need to post about the '95 version of Sense and Sensibility. I can't believe I never have.

This Willoughby (named Rodrigo...hee hee) was a scumbag, through-and-through, which made it easier on me, since I wasn't tortured by his complicated psyche, his genuine love for Marianne, his heartbreaking expression when he abandons her, or his truly awesome hair. This Willoughby I could hate.

So it loses some of the complexity, but it's better for me. Because it's inconvenient loving Willoughby.

Colonel Brandon is Bruno, the next-door-neighbor who Mary disdains not because of his age or boringness but because he's rough-around-the-edges, he wears muscle shirts and stocking hats, is almost always dirty, and because his love for the Mexican culture (which she doesn't understand) is a huge part of him.

I say: bring it on. He was amazing. The only thing missing was a brutal, debilitating fist-fight with Rodrigo. That would have been nice.

P.S. His accent is wonderful.

Yeah, so. I loved it. You should try to snag it at a Redbox and see what you think.

Speaking of movies... Living Social has a great deal today for 2 movie tickets for $9. They had this offer available awhile ago and was able to use it to see Thor, in 3D! Two tickets for 9 bucks that you can use for a 3D movie is pretty sweet. Just saying.


  1. Camilla Belle is gorgeous!


  2. Thanks for the Living Social tip - I didn't notice that one and we love movies, so yay!

  3. You've reviewed a movie I've completely forgotten about and made me want to see it.
    I like derivative movies.

    And I agree the 1995 Willoughby is quite (unfortunately) likable. The 2008 Willoughby I have no problem hating. Plus he reminds me of a frog and I really have no explanation for that.
    I will have to keep an eye peeled for this one.

  4. What is it rated? could my nine year old sister watch it??
    Have your seen Bride and Predujice?
    It is a modern day Bollywood version of Pride & Predujice. It is very very good.


  5. This looks like an interesting modern retelling of Sense and Sensibility. (I have to agree: Hugh Grant made an awkward Edward in the 1995 version. :P)

  6. So glad you enjoyed from Prada to Nada too! And thanks so much for posting about the Fandango deal, I purchased it again! Woo-hoo!

  7. I agree, the only thing that was missing was an epic fight between the willoughby character and Bruno :)
    I actually don't remember if there was any confrontation in the book....but there should be :)

  8. If you haven't seen the 2008 BBC version--you must! better edward, better colonel brandon, more hatable willoughby... i just think you'd like it =)

  9. OMG, i NEED to see this movie!! it looks awesome! :D
    and am i the only one who is having flashbacks to Spy Kids since Alexa Vega is in that movie? because i'm having total flashbacks.

  10. LOVE Sense and Sensibility!! (I TOTALLY agree with you about Hugh Grant! Ugh) but the 2008 BBC one is my personal favorite. Will have to look this one up-looks cute and fun!!

  11. I suppose i better watch this movie! <3

  12. I want to see this so badly! XD

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  13. Good review!
    This is so so so random, but I had to tell you - my mom has been buying things from the Doorposts company for YEARS, and we just got their most recent newsletter. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the family's youngest daughter was YOU! I thought that that was so neat! It's a ridiculously small world...
    --Love MCat

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  15. I totes just watched that movie- super funny, especially because I understood all their little idioms (I'm Mexican myself). Nice to meet you.

  16. i wanted to read a review on this film, and this one is perfect! thanks!
    you might want to have a wee peek at this:

  17. i LOVED this movie! i had no idea it got bad reviews! i thought it was wonderful. it's funny that you posted this, i just watched the movie for the first time yesterday :)

  18. I just saw this movie, and I loved it too! I found it incredibly sweet, and just adorable! I had no idea it was based off of Sense and Sensibility (you can tell how much I read Jane Austen) but I loved your review of it!

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  22. I'll have to try it sometime!

  23. This looks good...I think modern retellings of Jane Austens are hilarious. :) Have you seen Bride & Prejudice? It's the bollywood take of P&P...absolutely great. :)

    Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

  24. Camilla Belle was pretty and all, but not, in my opinion, the best actress. By the end, I was mad that SHE got Edward. I wanted him, and SHE had no personality! Argggh! But, nevertheless, I liked Alexa Vega. It was cute, I guess.

  25. I've actually heard about this movie and wanted to see it. Thanks for confirming my initial liking of it. I'm going to try and check it out!

    Also, love love love the blog! Found you through Hattie's linkup.

  26. I think I'll totally love this, thanks! I adore Jane Austen, I adore romantic comedies, and I adore Mexican culture! Win, Win, Win!

  27. I have never heard of this movie....sounds good, though and worth a check. :D


  28. Found this blog through one of my blogger friends, and I just have to say, it's adorable! I'm in love, and I'm officially following you. <3

    Also, I think I HAVE to see this movie now. =)

  29. I saw this movie and thought it was cute...a great little chic-flick for a rainy day. =)
    Kristina J.

  30. So cool thanks for sharing! I can't WAIT to see this movie :) Like you I find Latin American culture so interesting! Looks great :)


    ~Miss ALK

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