Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my love affair with Mexico...part two

The day we ported in Puerto Vallarta was one of the best days of my life. I'm ready to move to this city. Today.

Puerto Vallarta is shiny and blue and hot. Parts of it seem more American, since it has a Walmart, Burger King, Starbucks, etc... but it also has a deliciously Mexican old town.

All of the churches are just beautiful. 

Whatever this building is, I want to live in it.

Mexicans stake out territory all along the promenade and make truly epic sand sculptures, and then put out little cardboard boxes with slits in the top for tips.

This guy balances rocks. I have no idea how he does it.

One of the best things about Mexico is the streets. I just love them.

This is Carlos. He was the salesman in a china shop that we stopped in. He was literally in love with dishes, and after helping us buy excessively, he ended up taking us up the road and showing us all of the best spots to eat, etc. By the way--another thing I love about Mexico is that the guys wear white pants. I'm telling you, that doesn't happen enough around here.

According to Carlos' directions, we went to the upstairs portion of a flea market, which contained a bunch of tiny, dirty little kitchens. There were curvy Mexican mamas slapping tortillas into being, random dead fish lying beadily in boxes of ice, and a singular lack of anyone with white skin. My kinda place.

I had a sudden, violent craving for a coke, and so I bought one in an alluring glass bottle. Glass bottles are the best. Plus, Mexican coke has real sugar, which makes it way yummier.

Eat a real, slightly dangerous meal in Mexico. Checked off my bucket list.

Bethany was very uncomfortable with the whole situation and kept a sharp eye on our waitress. She says that she grabbed those beady fish and then served more food. But we didn't die, so it's all good.

I'm also going to live here.

I love all of the wrought-iron on the windows and doors. And the intense colors. The inside of this doorway was yellow, the outside aqua, and the door itself was red. Now you know why I should live here. :)

Another amazing church.

Drink a real strawberry margarita. Check.

Bethany enjoyed the margarita much more than the questionable tacos, and perked up pretty well. There are very few things she loves about Mexico, actually. It is everything that I love--colorful, loud, crowded, intense, reckless, spontaneous, with friendly, dark-skinned people. She prefers black-and-white, silence, solitude, no surprises, and cool, pale, and distant people. ; ) Sometimes it's confusing how we're sisters...

Guacamole. Oh, yes.

Back on the ship we... uh, ate more. : ) I swear that some of the Indonesian waiters' goals in life are to make girls fat. One particular guy at breakfast kept making us eat more and more pastries.

Notice the difference between our breakfasts?

Yep, this is how I roll.

I think we had this every single breakfast--fresh-squeezed orange juice, which makes the gross weak pulpy stuff hide its face in shame.

Well, there's enough more photos for one last huge post... which will include something special for YOU!


  1. I think I'm also falling in love with Mexico just looking at your pictures. Gosh, you're so lucky! I wanna travel too.. real badly! :P

  2. I wish that our churches in America were beautiful in the airy, reverant way that those in other countries are. :)


  3. Oooh! So beautiful!

  4. So how many places will you be living in??? :)

    Just kidding... but those pictures are amazing! It definitely makes ME want to live there too!!!


  5. Beautiful, beautiful. Loovve the pictures. :)

  6. I love the picture you entered! It's so fun and colorful! :)

  7. Oh my! what a beautiful place. I can't wait until I make it there;)

  8. I want to go!! It looks beautiful and delicious!!=)

  9. Wow! I am in love, too! A health food store near my house sells Mexican Coco-Cola, and I swear it tastes better than real Coke!!!

  10. I'm LOVING your posts, Suzy!! I gotta make it to Mexico one of these days.. I love loud, friendly people too. :)

  11. My mouth is watering!It's so beautiful especially the beach.Sierra

  12. Beaaaautiful photos! So jealous of ya. I wish I was there! And I am seriously loving your blog. So much I am now your newest follower.

  13. Awesome photos! Wow the sand sculpture is amazing! I wouldn't have the patience. Go for you, but I don't want any part of Mexico right now!

  14. your pics turned out gorgeous.
    carlos looks so cute! i love hispanic people. they are so friendly. and yes, they do wear white pants quite often

  15. Everything just looks so beautiful! I am craving color right now so I was really soaking it up from your photos.
    And where are MY guacamole and strawberry margarita? ;) I've seriously been craving guacamole. I should probably just buy some and quit whining. :)

  16. the moment you move, take me with you. i have fallen in love with puerto vallarta, what a paradise-

  17. I LOVE PUERTO VALLARTA! I went there a few years ago. I love the coast of Mexico. It's gorgeous!
    I love all of your photos doll.
    & that food!! Drool! I don't even get those authentic flautas living in Texas! I'm officially jealous. hehe!

  18. I love it! Such great photos!! I love the rod-iron gate and the food looks super yummy!

  19. Wow what beautiful photos! It all looks so COLOURFUL! :O

  20. Great photos, as usual.
    Now I want some fresh orange juice.

  21. All your pictures are Ah-mazing!! Seriously makes me want to go! Carlos looks so happy and jolly.. and the guy balancing rocks.. he must do it cause he has a ridiculouly good tan and crazy muscles haha!
    What kind of camera do you have? Do you just love it?

  22. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous.

    1. The pictures are amazing, you've captured the tiniest details in such a fantastic way.
    2. The guy balancing rocks? I want to see that for myself
    3. The food looks delicious. I mean fresh squeezed orange juice? Now my mouth is watering.
    4. Guys in white pants. enough said.
    5. The warm weather! I am so sick of the cold!

    & that is why I am jealous. VERY VERY cool.

  23. How cool! Beautiful pictures. The one of the sculpture in the sand is a replic of Michelangelo's paintings. It's amazing!!

  24. It's good to know that if you move to Mexico, they have openings as rock balancers!

  25. I used to live in Mexico City.
    I love it there.

    such a beautiful country full of colors, smells, and beauty!



  26. I awarded you on my blog! ♡

  27. Awesome photos! It all looks so exciting and beautiful and unique and AMAZING! :)

  28. Fabulous post. I'm REALLY wanting to go somewhere now! :) All the bright colors and sunshine look so tempting right now! :)

  29. So very jealous. It's wintery 'round these parts, and I think everyone here wishes they could be sauntering through Mexico instead of snowed in. :)

  30. I found my way here via Elyse at It Is Best To Be blog. Hey, she just commented above. Anyway, I am so glad she pointed me here. What a talent you have with the camera. Wow! I especially love the rock balancing guy. Great perspective as he looks balanced, too.

  31. Oh, your making me miss Mexico so much! Part of my extended family lives there and we only get to visit them once every few years. I'm so glad that your enjoying it there! :) Eat a mango for me! ;)
    ~Miss.Adriana Castillo

  32. Hello, my name is brittany:)
    I have to say, i'm in love with the name of your blog. so cute! :)

    Awesome pictures! their so colorful!

    Brittany Lou

  33. This makes me want to go to Mexico! Beautiful pictures...and such a cute blog!

  34. Wow! I love the pink flower, the coke, and the fruit loops pictures! There all so cute and good!

    Still Soaring,

  35. Gorgeous pictures you make me want to hurry up and go to Mexico!

  36. These photos are so AMAZING! I love the rock balancing man! NEatO!

  37. The churches are gorgeous! The pictures of water make me want to lick the computer screen! So delicious!


  38. :) really like your pictures, Mexico is really colorful :) love my country :) There always be another place to visit

    :) My best wishes from Mexico


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