Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letters to Juliet

I wasn't that interested in seeing this movie, since a friend had said it wasn't that great. 
But then my friend Beka watched it and declared that "we have to see this together!!"

So last week I did. And I liked it! I gotta say, though... Amanda Seyfried--bleh. I am not a fan. She's pretty if she does her hair right (which rarely happens) and when she's not wearing haggish clothes, and when she doesn't smile. Aside from that, I also have a grudge against her for dumping Channing Tatum in Dear John. Incidentally, I have not actually seen that movie... but yeah.

The plot wasn't brilliant, but it was sweet and the setting (Italy, baby) was scrumptious.

They made you quickly hate the fiancé by having him be insensitive and obsessed with food. Especially pasta. Any guy that in love with noodles has got to go...making room for the new blond dude... oh yeah.

It's always cool to see a movie with an actor that I've never seen before, and Chris Egan is that. 
He reminds me  a little of Matt Damon (always a good thing)... anyone else notice that?

The "elderly" romance was sweet and made me happy. Plus the old guy's name was Lorenzo... which is the name of my camera. So of course I had to love him. ; )

Ice cream in Italy. SO jealous.

His clothes were nice. I mean, you can't go wrong with attractive polos and comforting white button-ups with rolled-up sleeves. But her? Don't get me started. Most of her clothing was super unflattering, fit badly, was falling off, or just plain frumpy. Ick.

Oh, and the blond guy's name is Charlie. Anybody named Charlie has to have semi-curly blond hair. It's a fact. He very impressively made Beka love him, despite his blond hair, and me love him, despite his English accent. Quite a feat.

I hadn't totally fallen in love with the movie until the last scene. 
It made me so ridiculously happy. 
Beka and I clutched each other sighed, which is how every romantic comedy should end. : )

So although as a movie, I don't think it worked perfectly, I liked it. ; )


  1. It looks like quite a sweet movie, although I haven't seen it. Any film with Amanda Seyfried seems to be cursed with the worst wardrobe, ever.
    My friend's dad was driving through the part of Italy where this was filmed and they had still got all the letters set up as a feature of the city, which I thought was such a clever idea!

  2. I have seen the movie - and I reallly liked it :)
    And I ate nearly at the same place my ice cream, during a toscana trip with school..Italy is really worth visiting !

    <3 M.

  3. In Italy, it's not ice cream, but Gelato! When I visited this beautiful country, I ate too much LOL! I really like this movie, so cute :)

  4. I must see this movie! I love Italy and I would die to eat gelato with my man there someday. :P

  5. Sounds like it pulled in a lot of emotions!

  6. I loved this movie till the very end then the last screen was a little cheesy. . . but I still like it a lot. :)

  7. Um... I've never seen this movie~ but I take you're not overly fond of English accents OR blonde hair? =P I'm not big on BLONDE blonde (at all, in fact), like this guy has, but GOLD blonde? with lots of brown mixed in?! :dies:

    If you don't like English accents I must fly over to Oregon and slay you immediately. lol. ;)

  8. I agree with every single one of you points... except the English accents part!!! Ahh... I practically die when adorable guys have English accents :)

    Yeah, what was with Amanda's outifits??? Besides falling off, I think they were just plain ugly. Except for the pink sundress in the cover {which is still super short + low, and I don't think she even wore it in the movie!}


  9. Ooh! I want to see this! I do already like Chris Egan...saw him in the pilot of Kings, a creepy and not-so-squeaky-clean modern retelling of the story of King David's rise to the throne. It was weird. (And I DID NOT watch anymore!)

    But, I have a feeling I'll loathe Amanda Seyfried. And the way-too-in-love-with-noodles guy sounds...interesting?

  10. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't totally love the movie. I loved the elderly romance, the setting, stuff like that. But I felt like there were moments just bursting with too much cheese. Like how she is on the balcony within .5 seconds and then he's standing out there. Just like Romeo and Juliet. Maybe I just like the real kind of romance. If you want a cute story, check out my blog! I just posted my proposal story, with video. Letters to Juliet has nothin on us! ;)

  11. I haven't seen this movie, but it didn't really sound like anything I'd like anyways. But ya, that Chris-Egan-Charlie whatever his name is, in the first pic you posted of him, DOES look like Matt Damon! I almost thot it was him, at first glance! LOL
    Glad you enjoyed it.

    but seriously, they are awesome! <3

  13. I liked it too. I thought it was pretty cute. I watched it on demand & I think I watched it like 3 or 4 times in a row. LOL. I was obviously bored that night.

  14. Anna Olivia--yes, I thought that opinion would be unpopular. LOL. I do like English accents in the context of other English accents (in a British movie) so I appreciate Austen men and everything, but when it's a guy with a British accent with a bunch of Americans in modern times I'm just not a huge fan. And I LOVE blondes! It's Beka who doesn't like them... which is ironic because she is one. ;)

    Emm--I heard about that show, and was really disappointed that it was bad. It could've been awesome! I didn't know that he was in it, but wow... he would make a good King David. :) A bummer the show was bad.

  15. i NEED to watch this movie. it's just a matter of time until i fall in love with it... :)

  16. Personally, I expected a lot from this movie. I cried at the trailer for goodness sake. But I too was disappointed.
    With all its cheesiness and frumpy clothes (bugged the heck out of me), it was fairly good. Yes, it had a predictable plot. But it was cute.
    This movie is a good one to watch when you are feeling down and just need a quick pick me up. Grab a tub, yes a tub for any girl that is feeling low NEEDS a tub, of gelato and relax.

    PS. The blonde was scrumptious! I go for the tall, dark and handsome ones myself, but he was cute. ;)

  17. This movie is on my list of movies to watch... but just hasn't happened yet. :) I can't wait to see it, I'll admit, I'm a sucker for cheesy romances... :}

    Want a good movie suggestion? Check out The Note (not the Notebook, which everyone always thinks I'm referring to... but the one with Gene Francis in it. One of my all-time favorite movies, that is totally not cheesy at all...)

  18. This is one I've been wanting to see! Thanks for this review!
    Did you know Lorenzo was played by the Vanessa Redgrave's real life husband? I think that makes this film extra sweet!

  19. World reviewed this movie. They didn't like it that much. I think they called it a paint-by-number story or something like that. The review had some interesting insights.

    Ice cream in Rome makes me think of Roman Holiday! :-)

    Speaking of Lorenzo, here's a Pink Martini song that made me think of you. I'm not vouching for all the paintings in the video.

  20. Ooh, I want to watch this. Despite not being a fan of Amanda Seyfried either (I DID see Dear John and it was really not that great... Channing Tatum was the only thing that made the movie awesome), I think it looks adorable.

    I *heart* the name Charlie (since I have a character named that), and English accents, and curly hair (if it's golden blonde like his, then I like it). So that in and of itself is something to make me want to watch it. *wistful sigh*

    If you don't like English accents, do you like other accents instead?


  21. From just looking at the pictures I can see what you mean about her clothes. I haven't seen this movie, but I remember seeing previews. Thanks for the review! :)

  22. I've seen the movie and I love it!!!

  23. I also wasn't a fan of her wardrobe, ut did fall in loev with him! He's such a Mr.Darcy/Mat Damon mash up, how can you not love that?
    I do fully agree with Claire about having ones hair brushed is one of lifes greatest joys! =)

  24. I guess he kinda does remind me of Matt Damon... but in a cute, boyish way :)

  25. I look at your blog, my reaction: "this is my dream blog!!" ;) I'm a christian girl, my nickname is polka dot, i'm obsessed with audrey hepburn, LOVE red shoes and your blog. It's awesome my favorite blog yet. Don't stop with your stylin' ways!

  26. As usual your movie review cracks me up! Haggish clothes and whatnot, oh my goodness... (good grief don't look at what I'm wearing right now.)

    Now a fan of Amanda Seyfried either and I (have blond hair and) don't really find myself frequently attracted to blond guys so I just have no plans to watch this. But if it is free, or on TV and I'm craving something new to watch, I'll consider it ONLY because of this review.

  27. Part of me wants to see it - but then again, old people + romance = blaah. Haha! :)

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  29. Ok, I know everyone is going to be mad at me. :P But! I have to protect the food-loving fiancé. No, I've never seen this movie. Yes, I know, I probably don't understand the depths of the fiancé's horribleness...but, just from looking at the pictures, reading about the story...I have to give my opinion.

    First off, the guy is ITALIAN. Yeah, I'm a little biased, considering my mom is an Italian citizen. :P But really, I don't understand being in Italy and falling in love with a blond Englishmen. English accents are INCREDIBLE, but if I was in Italy, I would never, NEVER choose the English fellow. ;) :P

    So the fiancé cared too much about food - but he's making PASTA in the picture, and well, I could literally eat pasta ever day.

    Anyway...that is my take. ^_^

  30. Amanda--thanks! That is an awesome song... it's about Lorenzo AND tango-ing, which I am a huge fan of, too. :)

    Sky--absolutely! Hispanic, Indonesian, Jamaican, German, Italian...the list goes on. :)

    Molly--if you ever do watch it, just turn your cheese-o-meter off beforehand, and then come and tell me what you thought of it. :)

    Anna--I thought that it might be weird, too, but it was really sweet and not creepy. ;)

    Michaela--that's the thing, though. He's NOT Italian. Trust me, I'm all for Italians (I am SO jealous of you being so Italian, by the way). He and the girl are both American and they go to Italy for their "pre-honeymoon" (gack) and while he's there he becomes a wanna-be Italian. So yeah.

  31. You don't like British accent-ed guys.

    Oh, my soul.

    I mean, they're (the accents) one of the most amazing things on earth. I absolutely adore British accents. I think everyone should have them. When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up and marry a Brit because i loved the accent so.

    Ahem. :-P

    In all seriousness...

    I saw the trailer and although the plot sound cute, IDK. I've never seen Amanda in anything, but just looking at her gives me this super-annoyed feeling. Not good. And her clothes/hair is HORRID. I mean, half the fun of a romcom is a cute, stylish heroine.

    I think I'm gonna pass this one.

  32. @ Polka Dot - oh my, how utterly humiliating! ;) *ahem* Well the guy LOOKED Italian, so I just figured...oops. I still would have gone for an ITALIAN if I were in Italy, though (@ Ally) British accents are the most amazing things on earth. ;)

  33. I have no interest in seeing this movie. I'm just not a fan of Amanda Seyfried, especially after seeing Dear John - which wasn't a good movie at all. The book is better. Did you read the book? If so, the movie will disappoint. They changed some things around that just made it worse than it was in the book, lol.

  34. I LOVE this movie! Need to rewatch it!

  35. that movie was way good. cheesy in some parts but really good

  36. I'm your newest follower, and I noticed that you sometimes write about the movies that you see. That's what convinced me to follow. :)

  37. I liked...
    A. Italy.
    B. Charlie.
    C. Amanda Seyfried's hair for the final wedding.
    D. Lorenzo.
    E. A couple of the noodle guy's lines.
    I didn't like...
    A. The ending. Any of it.
    B. Most of Amanda Seyfried's delivery.
    C. Pretty much Amanda Seyfried.

  38. I love this movie! but i also thought they could've had a better Sophia!
    yes,I lovoed that it was in italy!!!!!!

  39. this was a nice movie .. i love this movie .. that was true love ..

  40. I think it was okay but a little too cheesey . And by the way she cant help what her wardrobes gonna be Like , and she is a good actress.

  41. #lettertojuliet #wardrobe was a disaster #letterstojuliet #wardrobe #tailoredpants @nicolettareggio


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