Friday, July 25, 2014

summer adventuring

It's our first-ever summer being married, and we weren't sure we'd have time to actually do summer, since it's brim-full of shooting weddings. But we ended up with a perfect break in between the craziness. Long enough to camping two weekends in a row (and for Peter to go on Big Man Camping Trips on the next two). 

I'd never been real camping before, and wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. I've always hoped I'd be the kind of person who liked it, but you just never know. It was hardly hardcore (some kind of bathroom was available at both places, and too many plenty of people were around). But I'm definitely a believer. Steak, trout, (Costco muffins...) and sausages are just knock-your-socks-off (which I incidentally forgot to bring actually because I'm a camping noob) the best over a fire.

Traveling and exploring have always been fierce loves of mine, but now that we're married, it's even more of my favorite thing. I just want to hold his hand and go to all the new places we possibly can. He's the best one for adventures--brave, curious, kid-at-heart, creative best friend to run around with. He gets me to stop being lame and lazy and gets us out the door. He's the best to play cards with, wherever we go. He's the best for snuggling with when it's too cold (and when it's too hot. c'mon--the snuggling will not be stopped). He is basically a fish and therefore is the best person to teach me to swim (I'm a failure, I know)--complete with ice cream cone bribes. 

wahclella falls

also his black tank tops make me swoon.

( a few of the things we've been up to lately. all photos taken on my iphone 
cuz sometimes a for-real camera's too big)

central oregon camping trip with Ben & Rebekah

running around barefoot taking photos excitedly.

then they drove away and left me. (they came back).

gluten-free + dairy-free pancakes (Ben and Rebekah are healthy) 
and croissant-bacon-steak-egg-sausage sandwiches (we are not).

smith rock

the far side of cape kiwanda. scariness and amazingness galore.

driving home from canada

exploring sketchy unofficial area at clear lake

camping at timothy lake with Josiah and Grace

steak + pepper kebabs over the fire. one of the greatest things in life.

red rocks, colorado
on the warpath of a donut shop, with a tornado emergency warning on the radio 
and thunderstorm/brewing tornado in the rearview mirror.

So weak-in-the-knees thankful for this man and this life and a loving God who finds time to make dreams come true. 


  1. shut uppp, you two are like the world's cutest.

  2. SO sweet- this is literally my dream <3 Alex

  3. you two are seriously the most adorable couple ever. and these pictures are so so stunning. gah.

  4. bam. you two are the best. :) x

  5. You two are so beautiful together and I love reading about your adventures together. Rock on, Polka Dot. ;)

  6. awh! you guys look way too sweet together! <3
    xx. pris
    rainbows and dreams

  7. I'm so happy for you dear! You are beautiful together!


  8. Well aren't you people just all kinds of adorable.
    (And also, love the words in your last sentence about having a God who takes the time to make dreams come true. Beautiful!)


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