Saturday, August 6, 2011

don't dream it's over

Life has been full, and as much as I want to gush about everything individually, here is a random, "this is what's been happening" post. : )

A depressingly moody and gray few weeks finally succumbed to full-blown summer. I finally feel knee-deep in the season.

It seems like summer finally just started, but the stores have their back-to-school sales spewed all over and people are talking about making the most of the end of their freedom. What!? HELLO, if summer is only three months long, having a whole month left means it's not almost over. Sheesh.

There are still so many juice bags to be sucked down, blackberries to be picked (heck, they're not even ripe yet), and watermelons to be ravaged.

Say no to summer coming to a close.
Say yes to blissful denial.

 random things:

  • We all camped at my grandparents' old property (where my brother and his wife now live). The sun was beautiful, the conversations were good, the hammock was terrifying, and the babies were adorable.

  • I finally bought the "read my palm" nail polish at Sephora, after visiting it in the mall three or four times. It makes me very, very happy.

  •  I've been hanging out with these awesome people... and taking lots pictures of them, because they're beautiful and I love them.

  • I've been on a huge Adele kick. I think pretty much everyone has heard "Rolling in the Deep", but my favorite are this one and this one. "I heard that your dreams came true..." So, so beautiful.

  • Summer = crammed on the front steps of church in the blazing heat with a glorious, noisy rabble of young people. 

  • I went downtown with a bunch of cool people. I got the worst blisters I have ever gotten on the tops of my feet from my beautiful fancy new Converse flip flops, which made walking/wearing shoes pretty much impossible for days. Also, we watched "Cowboys and Aliens" which was all kinds of crazy, entertaining, and ridiculous. Anybody seen it? All I have to say is: Daniel Craig = born to be a cowboy.

  •  So my computer is technically alive again, but is having very traumatic issues which make blogging on it completely impossible (as in, it has a seizure and then dies if I try to upload anything). I'm planning on buying a new laptop, and possibly switching to a Mac. Do any of you have experience with Macs? Do you think I should go for it? They're pretty expensive so I don't want to get one unless it's going to be seriously awesome.

  • I've been on a blueberry-picking rampage. Our bushes are going crazy, and for some reason picking them is rather relaxing. I listen to Mark Driscoll sermons and get sunburnt.

  {beware: scary iphone photos. ;) }

  • Bucket list item number 41 = checked off. See Les Miserables performed live. When I put that on my list, I actually thought that it might be one of the very unlikely ones. MY DREAMS CAME TRUE on Thursday night. 

We took Hadley and I sat between her and Bethany and we clutched each other and tried not to shriek and fell in love with the whole thing in a totally new way. Watching the musical live (instead of the concert movie) is totally different. The story is complete, and ten times more beautiful, the orchestra is glorious, everything is so loud, and it's very, very emotional. I'm pretty sure I like most of the voices in the 10th and 25th anniversary versions better than the ones there, but everyone did a good job and it was absolutely amazing.

My sister Bethany is in Idaho, which means I'm destitute and alone (and/or partying it up with my mom). This next week promises to be very, very good, aside from missing her like the dickens. 

By the way...I'm irrationally emotional right now and I just want to let you all know that you're awesome and I love you. : ) I hope your summer is continuing to be busy and relaxing and beautiful.


  1. Agreed. Summer JUST got here and if I see one more back to school display there may be excessive...violent....tirades.
    Yeah I'm really only good at a tirade.

    Love the kites on that Coke can!

    Have not seen Cowboys and Aliens but I reallllly want to.

    I'm also in love with Pinterest. It is the perfect spot for ideas for my brother's wedding. And since apparently I will be making everything for it because I'm "creative" then thank goodness for other people sharing their ideas.

  2. It's not fair! Mum bought some of our homeschool supplies yesterday, my brothers start in two weeks and I start in September. I'm going on a trip, which is why I get spared from school for two weeks. :P
    My Mum and Dad saw Cowboys and Aliens. :P Mum said it was great but then she does have a bit of a 'crush' on Daniel Craig. XD Personally I want to see it only because Harrison Ford is in it. Haha.
    I need to look into this Pintrest deal. A few of my friends have them, but I use tumblr. Hmm...
    Have a great Sunday! :D

  3. Ooooh, you saw Les Miz?!?!?!?!? So happy for you! And was it the most awesomely awesome thing ever?>?>?>? ;)

    I am in blissful denial about summer, too. It's depressing how everyone is brawling about the upcoming school year, etc. I'm with you on this one.

    It's interesting seeing scenes of Portland in your snapshots, btw, since I was just there in May. I remember that bridge with the little car things you can rent (right next to the big fountain, right?) in one of your photos. Awesome.

    Things are awesome lately for me too. ;) Hence the over-usage of the word. But hey, it's summer. Awesome things/feelings/experiences are bound to take place. =)

  4. Awesome! Beautiful pictures! It looks like you've had an amazing summer! :) xx

  5. I would definitely recommend Macs! I was born and raised with them. The computer I had before this was in use for nearly ten years, with at least three different owners. They work amazingly. :)

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog, and the red shoes and polka dots immediately spoke to me (only one view on my banner will explain why :p). Cool blog :) Looks like you are having an awesome summer. Enjoy!



  7. That sunlight is beautiful! I just got a new MacBook and yes, they are seriously awesome.

  8. As to the Mac thing... I say, go for it! I've had my MacBook Pro for about two months now and have so far no issues and everything is running fantastic! Oh, and Macs just don't get viruses... ever. My sister's Dell laptop is always getting viruses and she has a protection plan against them (!?) and for as many times as she's had to get her Dell fixed, my virus-free Mac is, in the end, cheaper.
    Also, my family has had a Mac computer for seven years now, and we only had to get it fixed once because the hard drive burned out. That's it. We just needed a new hard drive. Otherwise, no issues.
    Macs rock. period.

    Happy summer,

  9. Love the post!
    And dear, buy a Mac. They are seriously awesome! My Mac-ie boy (aka MacBook Pro) is pretty legit! lol Plus you can get some awesome photo editing software for it! :D


  10. Knowing that you listen to Mark Driscolls sermons makes reading your blog so much more enjoyable! I am very happy right now!

  11. Macs= Yes! Though, do buy the "Apple Care", usually worth it. Macs are wonderful, but they ARE computers. :)

  12. You're so good at bokeh!!! I wish i could get bokeh like that!!! Macs are always the best way to go, they are totally worth your money!

  13. I miss you! This was a good dose of Suzy for me. <3

    You failed to talk about the particularly amazing qualities of this individual "Les Miz" performance... lol.

    Love you!

  14. I love the pictures!! :)

    And in my choir class we did a whole concert on Les Mis songs... though it's too bad we didn't do the play.

  15. Okay. I love this post. I love the pictures. I love the people in the pictures and I just love all of it. XD

    I love Adele too! She is so amazing. XD

    That is me!!! That is totally me!!! My eyes look so blue.. O.O Wow.. x)

    Cute post. :D Love it! and I will comment more often. ;)
    See ya girl! :D

  16. If I were you, I'd get a Mac. I have a PC but my dad has a Mac and I wish I had gotten one instead.

  17. Aahhh so refreshing to see such beautiful pictures. :) Tho I will disagree with you on summer... I cannot wait for this horrible season of heat and humidity to be over. So glad it will be autumn soon... but that's just me. ;)
    Fantastic pictures, and it sounds like your summer has been fantastic!

  18. 2 Things: 1) I love your blog and adore this post. 2) Adele is fantastic. And only fantastic people listen to her. 3)I wish I had a friend named Hadley or was named Hadley. Hadley is an stellar name. :D

  19. I LOVE the pictures of the trees where the sun is coming through them.

  20. I need to come hang out with you, so you won't be lonely anymore ;) heehee

  21. Okay, so I blog on a mac, and let me tell ya... they rock.
    I mean, they're soooo worth it. I know it seems expensive, but it's better than going through about ten PC's in your life time. Okay, now that I'm done ranting about macs... congrats on checking something off of your bucket list. Always satisfying.
    Let's see, anything else? Oh, and I looove that nail polish. Kay, I'm done now :)

  22. Your pictures are seriously amazing. AMAZING. You're so talented!!! Just read your guest post, and the tips are great!!! Thanks!!

    Belly B :)

  23. GREAT post! lovely photos!

  24. I really like Adele's music as well! :D

    My sister has a Mac laptop (MacBook) and it was quite confusing for her in the beginning, but she ended up loving her Mac. It also has an amazing video-editing program, she says.

    I agree about Daniel Craig.

  25. Loving that first picture. And your family and friends are indeed beautiful people.

  26. :) love all the pics, looks like your enjoying your summer ....

  27. Fantastic post and fabulous pictures in it!

    I would recommend a Mac only because the chances of it not working perfectly are slim. They are small, sleek, tough, and keep running with close to zero errors involved.

    Of course another thing you can consider buying (if you want to pay less) is to get one of the new Google Chromebooks. They are small, cheap, portable, and only use the web (you can upload pictures of course) giving them little to get broken over.

    However, I've never actually used one so you might want to do some research and read a few reviews before purchasing.

    I hope to see more posts here (once the laptop dealio is fixed)! I love your blog!

  28. I love the Post! And i love ur blog, It's so cute!! Have a great weekend!! :)

  29. Awesome pictures! And, cool blog. =)

  30. YOU SAW LES MIS! I would commence writing a 500-page gushing comment on how amazing it was (I just saw it in the spring), but I'm having the slightest bit of self-control and refraining. ;) That's super exciting.

    Aaanndd your photos are lovely.

  31. Hi!!
    I really love your blog and your style! I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too ( I hope your like it) ;)
    Kisses from México city!

  32. I adore Les Miserables like nothin' else. :) How amazing that you got to see it live!


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