Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Fair Lady

I finally watched this movie! Our family has never been big fans of old musicals, so we had just never got around to seeing this, and I decided I really wanted to. So we girls watched it a couple nights ago. I loved it! 

I'd read the play "Pygmalion" that it is based off of, so I knew the basic story, although the ending was different, and I didn't care for it. 

I thought it was really lame that Professor Higgins got what he wanted without changing his fat-headed, arrogant opinions and manners. 

I want to wear this dress...

Her hats are pretty crazy, but I love them! :-)


  1. The guy was such a dork. Otherwise the movie could have been pretty good. Still...I'll never be into musicals. ;-)

  2. Hi! I thought I would follow you because I have looked over your blogs and I like them. A fellow Christian movie-lover! :)

    I have to disagree with you about My Fair Lady, though. I *love* this movie. I don't like musicals either, but Moulin Rouge and My Fair Lady are my favorites. I have also read Pygmalion and I thought that the movie's ending was a major improvement to the play (though other than that it was word-for-word adaptation basically). In the play it just ends at the scene where Eliza gets the better of Higgins and there is nothing resolved. What happens to Eliza? What happens to Higgins? It was obvious they loved each other. Won't they get together? Obviously Higgins cannot make a whole character transformation in a matter minutes, but I think the ending shows that he is willing or at least Eliza said things that really got to him and made him think. The song that he sings on his way home is the breaking down of his pride that he does love Eliza and when he sits by himself alone listening to her voice, I think it shows that he realizes he blew it and is already REALLY missing her. When she comes back, he is overjoyed, but it is not in his character to show those emotions. "Where the devil are my slippers?" is his way of saying that he is glad she has come back and that there is an understanding between them now. You can't change someone over a few hours, but Eliza loves Henry despite that he is a pig headed jerk sometimes, and he loves her. That question was his invitation to her to come back and the mere fact that he has asked her to come back shows that he has listened to her words and is willing to change. This is because he knows if he takes her back, that means marriage which was what he swore against in the beginning "Let a woman in your life...!" Haha! The fact that he has changed his mind on that account, shows he is in fact changing. I think he will always have that English reserve and pride, but My Fair Lady is not just about the transformation of Eliza but Henry Higgins who has to be shown he isn't the most wonderful gentleman that he thinks he is.

    Does that help explain it a bit better? :)

  3. Yes, it does seem like he changes some... but still. I would have liked it better if he had done anything to her face that showed that he cared about her.

    After I watched the movie I went back and looked at 'Pygmalion' and was more grateful for the movie ending because in the book, the epilogue thing basically says she married the idiot guy and they got poor and everything exactly the way Henry Higgins said they would. That was horrid.

    Have you heard about the new 'My Fair Lady' coming out? I can't wait!

  4. I can understand wanting to have been shown more. It is very English this way, though. ;P And yes it is much better than the horrible epilogue thing. Unfortunately Bernard Shaw was a crazy socialist and that was mostly what drove a lot of his stories, commentary on the rich and the poor. That is probably another reason why there isn't much showing of change in Henry Higgins.

    Yes, I heard of the new one! Only not much. I wonder how they are going to be doing this adaptation. I saw bits of an older adaption back in the day, it was black and white, and that one was so so. I like the energy and delivery of Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. They really brought life and wit to the characters. I hope the new one will be good!

  5. I liked the movie my fair lady very much I have noticed that the hair style is like coming back and some of the clothes too. Like the say the past repeats itself and now I believe it is so true............


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