Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America

I have always loved superhero movies, despite being absolutely ignorant regarding the comic books. I loved Batman (until I decided the guy was just too darn grumpy for me) and then I loved Iron Man and then I loved Thor beyond all reason and then, I loved Captain America.

The movie is set in the 40's, knee-deep in World War II, complete with gritty American optimism, fantastic leather jackets, and bright red lipstick. Such a neglected era.

Chris Evans (who came out of nowhere) was truly awesome as Steve Rogers (aka Captain America). Although, seriously, "Steve"? Not a fan. Anyways.  He's dogged, compassionate, and self-sacrificial--a true hero. But he starts out computer-generated-imaged into painful scrawniness.

Enter awesome, honest, scientist with German accent. 

His procedure (kinda like steroids but... all at once) turns him into a "super-soldier". 

HOORAY! He's just as good-hearted, but much, much easier on the eyes.

This scene was probably my favorite: running barefoot through the streets of old New York city with newly-achieved muscles. And duking it out with Richard Armitage.

I loved the just plain war-hero element to him. Sure, he's a superhero, but he doesn't fly around with a cape. He runs around in the woods with a machine gun and dirty leather jacket and saves prisoners. 

* shiver * moment, for sure.

Thank you, Steve, for having such nice hair.

And a wonderful voice (reminds me of Josh Lucas), glorious clothing, and a fantastic nose and jaw (reminds me of Channing Tatum ♥)

Hayley Atwell was gorgeous and dignified as Peggy Carter. 

Their romance wasn't my favorite in the whole world (not like Thor and Jane ♥), but it was sweet and ultimately made me very emotional. If you've seen it--the sad scene is my other favorite scene. So beautiful and emotional and reminiscent of the beginning of Star Trek. 

By the way, if you haven't seen the new Star Trek because you're not a fan of Star-Trek-ishness (neither am I) or some of the offensive content (clearplay to the rescue) or Zachary Quinto (not gonna lie, he's terrifying) or Chris Pine (hold everything--you're crazy) please watch the first eleven minutes. (instant on Netflix!) Not only will you get to see Chris Hemsworth, pre-Thor, but the whole thing is gloriously, gut-wrenchingly tragic. 
(But don't watch it if you're violently opposed to labor scenes or extreme sadness).

Okay, I had to watch it again. Oh, man. Crying. So wonderful.

Anyways. *sniff *
Back to Captain America.

Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Phillips was grumpy and insensitive and awesome and I loved him very much. He had so many great lines.

Hooray for Iron Man's dad! Dominic Cooper was dashing and cocky enough to pull off being Robert Downy Jr.'s father. But it's really sad to think he turned into that Walt Disney-esque man that's shown in Iron Man. Yikes.

The hat? I can't even talk about it. Why couldn't have kept the helmet!?

This, this was a good look.

I loved his loyal-to-the-death fighters.

And his crazy-awesome motorcycle.

Okay, more on the romance. You know how in movies there's always these opportune moments for hugging/kissing/revelations of feeling for each other? And they get ignored or interrupted? And then they finally kiss or talk about their feelings at the silliest, most inconvenient time? 

Yeah, well that happened. But I liked this part just the same. : ) Every girl wants to stop her guy, kiss him, and say "go get 'em". At least I do. 

However. Girls don't like to kiss men with weird skin-tight sorry-excuses-for-hats. My word.

It was a good movie. Go and see it and tell me what you think. Oh--be sure and stay past all of the end credits, because there is a shriek-worthy teaser trailer at the end. : )

Also, did anybody watch Thor since my post on it? What did you think?


  1. What a handsome man! Lol sounds like an awesome movie :) I'll add it to my list!

  2. I just saw this last night!! I LOVED it. And it helped the leading man was very attractive. :) But anyways, I love superhero movies also. they're my weakness.

  3. I was so excited to see this movie and now I'm even more excited! You write terrific movie reviews! CHRIS EVANS. :D

  4. This was a great movie :) I saw it on Monday :D

  5. Oh my goodness. I need to see this.

  6. It sounds like another movie that I'll wait patiently for it to come out on DVD :P

    Only 47 days til Thor comes out :D

  7. Noah and I really wanna go check this out ;)

    Bethany said I should too!

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  9. wow I just love your review of this movie! I love how it's from a girl's perspective talking more about the romance and the drama instead of just: It's awesome because they blow things up and there's a lot of blood! I honestly would like to see this now!

    ~Ellie <3

  10. I am a comic book geek :P
    One of my blogger friends reviewed this movie and was upset about how he gets frozen and then is waking up 30 or whatever years later.And I was like"Umm...well that is just his can't really change it." It looks like a good movie.That was a great era.There dresses where so gorgeous and floral. He looks so funny when he is scrawny.But yeah, definitely better once he has gotten his muscles.Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  11. Nice post! I've been thinking about going to see Captain America, but I haven't just yet. I went to Harry Potter last weekend with a friend and pointed out the CA poster, though. I mentioned that I'd been thinking about going to see it, and she told me she'd go with me if we found a time. :) Maybe this weekend if it's still around here. :)

  12. For months and months there wasn't a movie I cared about seeing and now there are SO MANY and I don't think I'll get to half of them. Argh.

    I've been wanting to see this and now that I know Richard Armitage is in it (I don't care if it's 5 minutes or even 5 seconds) I'm like get me my ticket now!!

    The hat is....strange. Yeah, I'm with you on that one.

    Hmm. A chance for me to like a character of Dominic Cooper's - that would be a nice change. :P

    Chris Evans I've seen around. Fantastic Four (blech) and Cellular (kinda stupid but somehow entertaining). I'm glad he gets to be in a cool movie now.

  13. Chris Evans has been around since 2000 and has made 20+ movie appearances and unlike Molly (while fantastic 4 wasn't the best ever) he was the comic relief for the film and one of the best roles I had seen him in.... and the scene where he is just wearing a womens jacket tied around his waist is a can't miss eye candy scene!

  14. I watched Captain America about a week ago; it was great! I absoutly love the little amount of humor through-out the movie. I didn't expect CA to be a tad funny but it fit with the movie story. :-)

    Lovely post as always!

  15. Sadly I have not see any of the super hero movies. I would like to. But it is not really my families thing, so sadly I end up not seeing them. I would love to see this because of Richard Armitage! :)

  16. For me, "Captain America" isn't on my "movies I want to see really bad" list, but I'll give it a chance anyway when its in theaters nearby. ;)

    I've watched Thor and I thought it was pretty awesome, but I would have to side with your sister on one thing though. I really do think that LOKI was misunderstood! ;D

  17. I was reading this post and was like yes, yes totally agreeing with you. I've loved Chris Evan since I saw him as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch and Capitan America was brilliant, even though I'm Canadian. Anyways back to what I was saying I was agreeing fully with you until you said Zachary Quinto was terrifying, I was pretty sure we were twins. I love Zachary Quinto so much, don't look at him just listen to his voice, it's like dreamy velvet.
    We're still twins I guess.
    I opened your blog purely because your blogger name is polkadot.

  18. I really liked Thor and Captain America too (minus the language & so much violence). I thought Steve did a good job (he actually played the Human Torch in Fantastic 4). I enjoyed this movie! & it got a 4 out of 5 rating on plugged in:)

  19. Just got back from watching it. I REALLY liked it! But not as much as Thor :D. And THANK YOU for telling us to bare through the credits for the INCREDIBLY AWESOME trailer!!!! AAAHH! Can NOT wait. I was was SUPER pleased to see a certain hammer wielding character in it. I kept telling everyone around me how excited I was. haha :D.

  20. ok. i HAVE to see this movie. anything with Richard Armitage in it means that i simply can't miss it.
    and he's the bad guy right? even better.

  21. i need to see this movie {my Dad & bro went to go see it last weekend} AND thor, thankyouverymuch.

  22. Definitely seeing it. I've been badgering my brother to go with me. He wants to watch "Planet of the Apes". Are you kidding? With a Captain America like that right next door, I'd be tempted to sneak in. :)

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  24. I am SO excited to see this film! Chris Evans is delicious :)

  25. Polka Dot!
    Today I completed number 6 on my bucket list - to win a giveaway.
    I went to the circus and entered a contest for an elephant's painted footprint.

    I actually won it. (:
    So I had to tell you, not only because of the bucket list thing, but also because of your love for elephants. If I had won two, one would've been yours!

  26. On Star Trek: my thoughts exactly. :)

    This was very fun... I'll have to see it now. My little brother is rabid to see it before it leaves theaters. :)

  27. I just watched Captain America yesterday, actually! I loved it!

  28. I liked this movie way more than I thought I would. I'm into superhero movies, but I'm kind of picky about them. Before this Batman and X-men were the only other ones I liked. Batman is still my favorite, but Captain America is pretty darn amazing.

    I agree about the hat. I hated it. It totally ruined the whole look and made him look like a giant... joke.

  29. ive yet to see the movie! but i will! :)



    God Bless,

  31. I just need to bring up this:
    "Although, seriously, "Steve"? Not a fan."
    Well, that's just his name, you'll have take that up with his originial creator, Martin Goodman. I'm not sure why this is bad. It was a common place time and a common place name. It works.

    But yes, the movie was awesome. :)

  32. awesome review of the movie ... i had no intentions of going ... but i think you've convinced me otherwise!!!

    somehow stumbled upon your blog via someone elses :0) so glad I did! Hope you stop on by and visit - :0) Have a great weekend!

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  35. Okay. I saw it. And a few days later, I was incredibly tempted to buy a shirt with his shield on it. I am in deep like. :)

  36. Gosh sakes, Polka Dot. I missed a couple good posts when I was gone the past few weeks. ;P

    I liked Captain America. I liked it a lot. But I liked Thor a lot more. ;) However, the time period of Captain America made everything about 72 times better.

    Also, since you mentioned it...uhm YEAH the first scene in Star Trek is my favorite. Chris Hemsworth = WOW. Beyond words amazingness. Just last week I decided to watch "just the first scene" but of course that dragged me into the rest of the movie.

    And what's with all the Chris people for goodness sake? Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Evans...sheesh.


  37. I'm so happy that you loved this movie! I can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can rewatch it ALL THE TIME. :)

  38. Hurray for captain America I love love love this movie it like one of the best I think they did good at picking the actor for peggy Carter

    Both my brothers love her

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